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Incorporating unitedstreaming Into Differentiated Instruction: 

Matt Monjan Incorporating unitedstreaming Into Differentiated Instruction

Students Learn Differently Today an obvious fact – but the basis for this session: 

Students Learn Differently Today an obvious fact – but the basis for this session They also pull media/information from different sources


Learning Cycle and Decision Factors Used in Planning and Implementing Differentiated Instruction  Pre-Assessment (Quiz Builder) Student Readiness/Ability Interests/Talents Learning Profile Prior Knowledge Curriculum State and Local Standards & Benchmarks (Standards Search Feature) Content What teacher plans to teach Process How teacher plans Instruction: Whole Class (US video, Atlas, PPT, songs, etc) Groups/Pairs (US + PPT, + Activity) Individually (Builders, iPod, blog, wiki, more) Assessment of Content (Quiz Builder, Writing Prompt) Summative Evaluation http://www.cast.org/publications/ncac/ncac_diffinstruc.html

Quiz Builder – A great Assessment Tool in class or at home: 

Quiz Builder – A great Assessment Tool in class or at home

More tools to reach different learners: 

More tools to reach different learners Photo Story or MovieMaker (free from Microsoft) Songs/Audio files iPhoto or iMovie from (free from Apple) iPods and Pod casts in the classroom Cell Phones – yes Cell Phones! Closed Captions Blogs Wikies (live on-line resources that you/students can edit) – teacher wikies Writing Prompts with unitedstreaming images Websites – unitedstreaming’s Atlas and the Builders – of course!

iPods as Learning Centers and More!: 

iPods as Learning Centers and More! Teach a Geography Lesson (north/south example) Use iPod to reach ELL or Audio and Visual learners Create an eBook (or iBook) to use in a learning center Create a PPT with images that match the text that you want your students to learn. Then read aloud, or even better have students read aloud the text. Record and put onto iPod

Ok – I’m with you with on the iPods…but cell phones: 

Ok – I’m with you with on the iPods…but cell phones …in my classroom???


I actually met a high school principal in Ohio last week who encouraged his teachers to tell kids “Turn your phones ON!” when they come to class. Not as in start making all sorts of phone calls, but as in let’s learn how we can use our phones (since just about every student had one at his school) to extend what we’re doing in class.  - post by willrich Will Richardson http://www.weblogg-ed.com/

He goes on to say…: 

He goes on to say… We can try to fight this, I suppose, as many schools are. Or, we can try to inculcate appropriate use from early on by modeling our own cell phone use to access information and learn throughout the curriculum. Will Richardson http://www.weblogg-ed.com/

Bottom line…: 

We have to somehow find strategies to teach our kids to use cell phones and computers and the like in effective ways, and we also have to bend our thinking a bit in terms of what we ask our kids to do in classrooms in the first place. Will Richardson http://www.weblogg-ed.com/ Bottom line…

Here’s a way to model: 

Here’s a way to model Next time you catch a cell phone in your class do the following – ask the student to: Take a picture of a rhombus somewhere on campus with their cell phone camera and send it to you Interview a Veteran and send you a link to their podcast Text you three significant quotes from your area of study Record a ring-tone of an musical innovator… From 1963 Watch cell phones suddenly disappear 

Opening up the Closed Captions: 

Opening up the Closed Captions To help hearing impaired students To reach visual learners To teach a grammar lesson To teach a vocabulary lesson To work on predicting outcomes Why might we want to use CC in the classroom?

Explore your world with out leaving your classroom!: 

Explore your world with out leaving your classroom! Use the Atlas as an Activator

unitedstreaming Audio – Song + Power Point: 

unitedstreaming Audio – Song + Power Point DE Streaming has close to 400 elementary school songs on the site. To find them change the Within Drop Down box to Songs and click on the “Go” button Download the song (right-click, “save target as” on PC or ctl + click on Mac) and insert it into your Powerpoint Then add in DE streaming Images or create your own and add!

Example of Video + Power Point: 

Example of Video + Power Point Working with three of your classmates, draw a map of your school During your exploration of your school and its grounds, draw at least 10 items/areas that you find along your route When you get back draw a time line of your adventure- make sure that you include significant events that you encountered along the way

Time Line Example: 

Time Line Example 1:00 PM 1:15 PM 1:30 PM 1:45 PM 2:00 PM Began Trip Found the lost locker of Hall C Enjoyed a feast with the indigenous Cafeterians Was introduced to the native game of Dodge Ball in the Gymnasium Trip Ended

Recording Sound with PPT: 

Recording Sound with PPT Click on the word Insert in your Tool Bar Click on Movies and Sounds Click on Record Sound Click on the red dot and record your students narrating the encyclopedia article that you round in DE Streaming

DEN is all about sharing: 

DEN is all about sharing What is the DEN? Blogs Discussion Boards Resources created by teachers for teachers www.dencommunity.com

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