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Being arrested for drunk-driving case in LA is a serious criminal offense. One must consult a DUI expert who can guide correctly to prove innocence. If looking for a good Los Angeles DUI attorney then consult Jon Artz of Duilawyerlosangeles.com


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Selecting a Top Los Angeles DUI Attorney:

Selecting a Top Los Angeles DUI Attorney

DUI and Jon Artz:

DUI and Jon Artz Stay Out of Jail and Keep Driving Don’t Risk your Freedom and Future Jon Artz is Los Angeles’ best DUI Lawyer with more than 40 Years Experience defending DUI cases Jon Artz keeps 99% of his clients out of jail and driving on a first or second DUI offense Based on his experience, unique expertise, and trial results, Jon Artz is considered the “ Best DUI Lawyer in California .” “ Jon Artz wins “Not Guilty” verdicts — all charges dismissed — in over 90% of his DUI jury trials ”

Jon Bryant Artz Advantage:

Jon Bryant Artz Advantage Jon Artz keeps 99% of his clients out of jail and driving. Jon Artz wrote the book on California DUI Law. Jon Artz has been working as a DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles for over 40 years. Jon Artz knows how to win difficult DUI trials as a defense attorney.  Jon Artz wins “Not Guilty” verdicts in 90% of DUI Trials. Jon Artz ’ success motivates DA’s to cut better deals. Jon Artz is an expert in blood-alcohol science.  Jon Artz cares about clients, not just cases.

Why Jon Bryant Artz?:

Why Jon Bryant Artz ? Jon has specialized in California DUI Defense for 40 years. He’s an expert in “Creative Sentencing” to help clients avoid jail. He gets “All Charges Dismissed” in over 90% of his DUI jury trials. His winning track record as a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles motivates prosecutors to cut better deals. He’s an expert in blood-alcohol science, chemistry, and detection technology.

What other’s say about Jon Artz?:

What other’s say about Jon Artz ?

Some Success Stories:

Some Success Stories

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JON BRYANT ARTZ 12400 Wilshire Blvd, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90025 Ph. (310) 820-1315 Fax. (310) 820-1691 jon@JonBryantArtz.com http://www.duilawyerlosangeles.com/ Contact best Los Angeles DUI attorney for private consultation

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