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Drunk-driving cases need to be handled by a professional DUI lawyer to safeguard convict’s professional and personal rights. Consult with best DUI attorney at Duilawyerlosangeles.com and meet Jon Artz a well-known Los Angeles DUI lawyer.


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Best Los Angeles DUI Lawyer:

Best Los Angeles DUI Lawyer


WHO IS JON ARTZ? Jon Artz is a DUI lawyer who can defend your charges in court. Expert in “Creative Sentencing” to keep his clients out of jail. Mr . Artz has successfully won hundreds of DUI Alcohol/drug cases in court His pretrial motions often exclude prosecution evidence from trial which results in Not Guilty verdicts or a great reduction in the charges . “ Jon Artz wins “Not Guilty” verdicts — all charges dismissed — in over 90% of his DUI jury trials ”

Why Jon Bryant Artz?:

Why Jon Bryant Artz ? Jon has specialized in California DUI Defense for 40 years. He’s an expert in “Creative Sentencing” to help clients avoid jail. He gets “All Charges Dismissed” in over 90% of his DUI jury trials. His winning track record as a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles motivates prosecutors to cut better deals. He’s an expert in blood-alcohol science, chemistry, and detection technology.



Jon Bryant Artz Advantage:

Jon Bryant Artz Advantage Keeps 99% of his clients out of jail and driving . Wrote the book on California DUI Law . Working as a DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles for over 40 years. Knows how to win difficult DUI trials as a defence attorney.  Wins “Not Guilty” verdicts in 90% of DUI Trials. Success motivates DA’s to cut better deals. An expert in blood-alcohol science.  Cares about clients, not just cases.


JON BRYANT ARTZ 12400 Wilshire Blvd, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90025 Ph. (310) 820-1315 Fax. (310) 820-1691 jon@JonBryantArtz.com http://www.duilawyerlosangeles.com/ Contact best Los Angeles DUI Lawyer & Schedule your private consultation

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