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EvaluationBy Adam Peake : 

EvaluationBy Adam Peake

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In the production we created using an idea that an unusual and confusing scene that makes sense however it would be hard to find that sense. When editing the scene I created tension and understanding by looking through the software's transitions and looked at the fade to black transitions. When I used the transition it developed a more dramatic scene change that would increase tension to make it more believable. I challenged this work by using the opposite transition fade to white which when it was used it showed a flashback scene which was to go into the female protagonist’s head and see the polar opposite side of her that was created earlier in the scene. this later part was taken as the protagonist walks down a road and then turns down an alleyway. When I studied other thrillers like James Bond Casino Royale the opening sequence was purely editing with ideas of the casino theme. Many transitions are either long about 0.5 seconds or are very short (0.1 seconds even) in quick succession. The way each one created tension made me see how each one created tension in our scene. By looking at the short transitions it made me think that the longer transitions were better as it can make the viewer study each section before the transition more thoroughly and the short cut flew them so fast it ruined the aspect of watching the scene. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

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We used a femme fatale style demographic as the protagonist which challenges the most common of films which use the male protagonist. How we challenged it was to make the male character in the film the weaker one the one that will be the victim of her. When we looked at the films in the research we found that many films with a female protagonist that they are the most dominant to give the effect of woman power and that they in most films will be shown much more powerful than any of the men. We can also use the fact that the storyline has the male at the beginning and as though the woman is going to take revenge on him. This acts as though the male has done something to her to make her want to act that revenge. Answering this question we show the film. The rest of the film would answer the questions however whatever happened more than likely the male character has done something so bad that acting revenge on him would be the first key idea to go into the female protagonists head. The representations for the female protagonist are negative as she has set herself out to kill someone which isn’t politically correct in society. As we then look at how people will represent the male character we can also see that the history behind him can also be negative. If he did the things that would be seen as being unsocial and so the representation of him would be lower. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

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By looking at the UK Film Council I can see that they fund EM Media. This will help us as to help our film get into the mainstream cinemas we would look closely at what they have to offer. The UK Film Council funds them and so we would get money from the national lottery to budget our film. Then we would give them the final product and then along with distribution costs we will have our film up in lights and ready for the audiences. The UK Film council has many different media organisation over Britain and as they are all working together they are the largest of all organisations of British film. The Government highly supports the UK Film Council as it funds films for new talent and for those that have a future in films. I believe that the future in the film industry will grow and grow with new technology being invented and new ways of advertising films everything is growing and don’t forget the new talent that has made these new films they have been the main stars of the organisations. we would use the EM Media which is funded by the UK Film Council to get our film straight into the mainstream. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

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People that like thrillers that have the mystery effect added in. Most people that are aged 15 or over in the audience would find this entertaining. The age certificate is 15 as in the scenes there is shown to be knives which represents violence later on in the film. Many late teens would watch this film however there may be a lot more for the 20 year olds as the film could also be represented for many of the older generation. As we have done our research I can safely say that the main audience of the film is for the late teens as this is what we have made the film. When we did our feedback sheets the results came back that the genre was obvious as a thriller and would work well in larger audiences so our work looks as though it is going to be exactly how we anticipated it to be. We represent the people that have problems in there lives this is to also show how many problems can lead to this. I believe that the viewers can find themselves able to empathize with both characters when looking at the two differences you can feel the same and see how much regret sorrow and forgiveness that the characters share. Who would be the audience for your media product?

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We created most of our work quite dark and menacing making people look twice to notice what it actually is. Also the design work on the text and titles makes them individually stand out from the rest of the main that your looking at. When I created the logo for the productions logo I made sure that it was eye catching and when using the animation techniques I made the ellipsis three .’s and put it after the productions to get the logo noticed more. The locations we chose fits the people locally and makes them feel as though they can understand it better so that it is more for a local audience and life in the film would be more understandable. Most films that are created in this era are thrillers as they come under a lot of the film genres. The black and white beginning shows an old theme to start as though this is what its like before the beginning starts and as it goes into colour it then starts to become a modern film. Most of the mise en scene is what we found as a perfect fit to the genre and theme of the film. How did you attract/address your audience?

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Using the adobe editing software I can see that even as it is a simple editing software I found that I can create many things in the future and how we can also use it for other things and has lead me on to the other systems of editing software. The cameras that we used were easy to use we understood that we can do a great canted angle with the tripod and can create a great effect of camera shots. The camera was steady when we did the POV shots and also great for when we used it to upload with. Using the blog is a very good use of new technology and so there were new things to try and will be a good source of internet use that will be used. Also there were a lot of forums and other blogs which helped us a lot with the research that we did on different films and industries. when we moved on to the Macs we found that the software is much more advanced than anything that I’ve ever seen on a computer and burning it all on to a DVD took little to no time I believe that they have given me more confidence in my film work for later years. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

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After the preliminary task I have found out how to use the camera and tripod to create and use advanced camera angles and different shots. I have also used a lot on the editing software that we used to edit the preliminary. I found that the editing with the transitions and also the colour tones made me more confident for the main film. When making the titles I used different fonts which would fit the genre more. I also used macromedia flash to create a productions logo for the film to give it more of a unique film to ours. Upon moving to the Mac I used iMovie and iDVD to create a DVD menu and also to make and use more transitions and effects that the Mac had. I feel that using the Mac will help me in the next year and further years as it was simple to use very user friendly. As the Mac is very much based on graphics I can see myself using them in the future for computer designing. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Thanks for a great year!

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