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We all have the same number of hours in a day and yet some people manage to complete so much more than others. The key to success is simply the ability to use your time as efficiently as possible and always ensure your day, week and month are well-organized. Read our guide to time management to maximize your output and capitalize on your down-time.


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Time Management Tips for a Better You We all claim that there are never enough hours in a day week- ends are too short and that we have a tough time with the ever present work/life balance. Fret no more we are here to offer some guidelines for maximizing your time in your DubLi Network business minimizing the associated stress and be- coming more productive in your professional life. These time management tips might all strike a chord with you initially and some maybe not. Regardless put those tips that you are most comfortable with into action initially and then come back at a later time to review those that might take some more planning or implementation. There are clearly a wealth of these lists all over the Internet and a vast array of books have been written on the subject but these are de- signed exclusively for the network marketing professional or those who manage a home-based business.

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3 | 8 DubLi Network | 2016.07.19 1. Make Time to Save Time Before implementing any new strategy in work or life it’s important you assess your current situation. This type of evaluation is used by everyone from CEO’s to Executive Assistants alike and become a priceless tool in your time management skill set. You can’t possibly determine how and where you can save time if you don’t currently know where this time is being spent. To start select one week of your life and record how each hour is spent. We suggest you stop at the top or bottom of each hour and jot down on a calendar or notebook what you achieved prepared organized or completed. Be sure to include all phone calls answering of emails drafting of doc - uments and taking a snack break. At the end of the week break down each primary activity into specifc categories i.e. phone calls webinars presentations answering emails writing a proposal. Tally up how many hours you spent on each category to identify which is the most time-consum - ing and most important. This will also help you track which of your precious hours are most productive. Following this initial assessment plan your time management strategy for the follow - ing week so that you know which category you should be focused on at which time of the day. By doing this you create a better sense of planning which will reduce stress in your life. The unknown causes stress planning in advance alleviates it.

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DubLi Network | 2016.07.19 4 | 8 If you’re the type of person who fnds greater clarity in the morn- ing and tend to feel burnt out after lunch schedule all critical thinking exercises for the morning hours. It is silly to think you could accom- plish your best work product during a time period where you are sleepy or focused on children coming home from school. Use your ener - gy and focus where it’s maximized. On the contrary if you are a night owl schedule your critical thinking assignments for after the kids have gone to bed. First thing in the morning spend fve minutes planning your day. What do you need to accomplish today What are your goals for the day What important assignments must be completed If you set dai - ly goals and have expectations you will accomplish more and be productive. Believe it or not most people just turn on the comput- er each day without any thought as to what they need to be doing and end up getting lost in the shuf - fe without any plan. This is what causes procrastination. Proper planning prevents procrastination and provides productivity. 2. Are You Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed or a Night Owl 3. Proper Planning Prevents Procrastination Provides Productivity

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5 | 8 DubLi Network | 2016.07.19 Depending on your initial assessment take 30-60 minutes each day to turn off the phone and review your email. In this digital age we live in it’s hard to get any- thing done with emails beeping every two minutes. Take the time each day dedicated exclusively to answering emails. This way you won’t miss anything important and ev- eryone who has emailed you will receive a response within at most 24 hours. Similar to 3 we also suggest you take an hour or so each day to shut down the email. Email can be highly distracting especial- ly when you “don’t want to miss anything important.” We understand really we do. It is humanly impossible to create docu- ments or anything thought provoking while you are reading emails. If you have critical thinking items you must accomplish this hour will give you the time you need you think clearly thoughtfully and productive - ly. Some take more than an hour each day without email but you know your produc- tivity best use your time wisely. 4. Duty Calls For Disengagement 5. Disconnect and Detach Take breaks. Not enough can be said about taking a few minutes throughout the day to clear your head and reassess your produc- tivity. Also note there is nothing wrong with taking several breaks throughout each day if it helps you perform better. When we say “breaks” we are not talking about a 30-min- ute break every hour but rather 5-10 minutes every few hours is healthy and benefcial. Some might use the time to take a get some fresh air make a cup of coffee or check your Facebook account. Whatever foats your boat removing yourself from thinking about work will help you come back to your tasks with a renewed vigor and focus. 6. Take a Breather

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Beware of the social media trap. We can all attest to the fact that social media is fun en - gaging and important. However too much time spent on Facebook can be implicitly unproductive. Of course many use social media channels as a vehicle for promoting their business which we highly encour- age but it is important you are honest with yourself about whether you are spending time on Instagram to promote your busi- ness or to see who your friend is having lunch with and at what hot new restaurant. We encourage you to schedule time each day for your business related social media engagement. If you fnd you aren’t able to accomplish all that you set out to within that time frame review for yourself if this time was spent for business or pleasure. Keep a blotter or notepad with you at all times or use the notepad app on your phone. Between email cell phones and kids it is very easy to get distracted in this day and age. While we might think we live in our own self-imposed clock that requires everything to be completed in- stantly it is not in fact the case. Many of our thoughts or projects can wait until lat- er. Keeping a notepad with you allows you to jot down your thoughts so you don’t forget them once you do fnally have the time to address them. The life we live doesn’t require us to stop everything at the drop of a dime and tackle them imme - diately but with all the distractions it is no wonder that we can feel forgetful. Typical - ly people become more concerned about forgetting something important than they are on the actual task at hand. 8. Beware of the Social Media Trap 7. Be Your Own Reminder

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Set a hard stop for yourself each day. When you are planning your day each morning de- termine how many hours you will work. Does it depend on your son’s soccer game or a doctor’s appointment By setting a stop time you know how much time you have to achieve each daily task. When you establish this in advance it allows you to maximize the time you do have and minimize any un- necessary distractions or interruptions. Be gentle with yourself. Chances are that you are not going to meet all your dai- ly goals. This happens to the best of us. No one is 100 effective each day. This doesn’t give us the right to beat ourselves up or take it out on our families. We hope we have helped you create a proper time management plan and laid 9. Know When Enough is Enough 10. Kindness Matters a foundation for even more success with DubLi Network. Time spent wisely is time well spent. It is not enough to just know what needs to get accomplished but how we spend our time and whether or not that time is spent productively. Time management is critical to maximizing and achieving goals with a minimum amount of stress.

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