Most Popular Myths about Drug Addiction


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Most Popular Myths about Drug Addiction :

Most Popular Myths about Drug Addiction


There are many misconceptions about drug addiction, and these can lead to problems for both the addict and society as a whole. Here, we have listed some of the most popular facts and myths about drug addiction.


Addicts Are Bad People – This is an unfair characterization and nobody ever intends to become a slave to drugs. Addicts have a brain disease that goes beyond their use of drugs.


Drugs Relieve Stress And Anxiety – It only makes people temporarily forget about their troubles. When the drug wears off, the problem is still there and has perhaps become worse.


People Addicted To One Drug Are Addicted To All Drugs – Sometimes it is true because most people who are dependent on a drug may be dependent on one or two drugs, but not all.


People Can Quit Using Drugs Any Time They Want – Long-term drug use causes changes in brain chemistry that can make it nearly impossible for a person to quit. Only drug rehab can help them to quit it.


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