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1 PHARMACY: A NOVEL PROFESSION IN HEALTH CARE Dr.S.Nayak Principal & Professor Bansal College of Pharmacy Bhopal (M.P.) Principal.bcp@gmail.com Visit: www.bansalpharmacy.com


2 PHARMACY Derived from Greek word Pharmakon - Medicine or Drug Art and Science- For the treatment & diagnosis of diseases.

Pharmacist :

3 Pharmacist Health care professionals Link between physicians and patients Registered with Pharmacy council of India- State Pharmacy Councils

Pharmacy Practice -Area:

4 Pharmacy Practice -Area Retail Pharmacy Industrial Pharmacy Community Pharmacy Hospital Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy Compounding Pharmacy Internet Pharmacy Veterinary Pharmacy Nuclear Pharmacy Military Pharmacy Pharmacy informatics

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5 Pharmacy Regulations The Drug and Cosmetic act-1940 The Pharmacy Act,1948 ,Section-3 Pharmacy Council of India State Pharmacy Councils

Pharmacy Relation:

6 Pharmacy Relation Medicines - Restore health by prevention and treatment of illness Drugs - Substances effects on body organs/systems Physician – Diagnosis Diseases Patient- To Cure

Pharmacy Branches :

7 Pharmacy Branches Pharmaceutics -Formulation Pharmaceutical Chemistry- Chemicals Synthesis Pharmacology - Effect on Organ Pharmacognosy - Natural resources Pharmaceutical Biotechnology – O rganisms, DNA ,RNA Drug Regulatory Affairs – Act, Rules and Regulations Cont…

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8 Pharmaceutical Analysis- Chemical Analysis, Instruments Natural Products- Drugs From Plants Clinical Pharmacy- Drug Trails Pharmacy Practice – Dispensing , Compounding ,Counselling Industrial Pharmacy – Manufacturing ,R&D Quality Assurance & Quality Control – Standardization

Pharmacy Education :

9 Pharmacy Education D-Pharm. – Diploma in Pharmacy B.Pharm. - Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy M.Pharm. - Master Degree in Pharmacy Ph.D, - Degree of Philosophy Pharm.D

Pharmacy Job Opportunities :

10 Pharmacy Job Opportunities Research Scientists. Drug Inspectors, Food Inspectors, Drug Commissioners ,Drug Controllers (State Central Government) Drug Analyst in Government Testing Labs, Analyst in Private Testing Labs. Community Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacists. Formulation and Development Scientists. Drug Regulatory Affair Officers . Cont…

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11 Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical Industries. Production Pharmacist in Pharmaceutical Industries. Lecturers, Assistant Professors. Associate Professors and Professors. Pharmacist in Medical Stores. Pharmacist in Railway and Defense Services. Pharmacist in Govt. & Private Hospitals. Cont…

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12 Pharmacist in Institutions & Airports. Pharmacist in Corporations and Embassies. Medical Representatives for Sales and Marketing. Retail and Wholesale Medical Store. Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Industries.

Conclusion :

13 Conclusion India has vast and growing pharmaceutical industries. Increasing number of hospitals, nursing homes and pharmaceuticals companies all over the country is a clear indication of the growing scope in this area. Pharmacy offers reasonably good career opportunities both by way of jobs as well as in terms of starting your own business. Cont…..

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14 Pharmacy is a well-rounded career blending science, health care, direct patient contact, computer technology and business.  In addition, pharmacy has excellent earning potential and is consistently ranked as one of the most highly trusted professions due to the care and service pharmacists provide.


15 Thanks Dr.S.Nayak Principal & Professor Bansal College of Pharmacy Bhopal (M.P.) Principal.bcp@gmail.com

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