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What Are Best Effective Marketing Strategy For Business In 2018 Importance of Social Media has undoubtedly grown tremendously over the years. While earlier it was used only as a platform to engage and interact with your friends. Now with the changing trends of marketing social media platforms have also become a mean to promote your business and generate leads and customers. It will not be surprising if it was said that among all the other platforms Facebook is reigning over all of them. And why not it was almost the first platform that people started engaging in huge numbers. Of course it is not like people did not use social media before FB there were other platforms like Orkut and Yahoo messenger. But we can say that Facebook is the one that brought the revolution in the social media world. Today almost everyone has an FB account be it a 12 yr old kid or an 80- year-old person. So what best way could be other than Facebook to reach out to your audience for your brand promotion. Therefore the best platform to showcase your social media pages is your website. Display the Facebook icon on your website page where it is visible the most and is likely to be clicked more.

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Display Social Media Icons On Your Website Every business online or offline has their website. Your website is like a representative of your company in the online world. Therefore the best platform to showcase your social media pages is your website. Display the Facebook icon on your website page where it is visible the most and is likely to be clicked more. Placing your social media icon on the homepage or header increases the chances of click-through rate CTR placements which will definitely increase traffic on your page. The rule also goes vice-versa. Promote your FB page through your website and promote your business through your FB page. Include your website links on your social media pages. Include Social Media Links In Your Signature If you are using e-mails as a way to connect to your customers or potential clients it is recommended that you include your social media links on your signature. This will prompt the mail receivers to visit your FB page and probably like and follow it. This way you are indirectly increasing the traffic rate on your website as well. Because more the people on your FB page likely more people on your website which will result in more leads and customers for your business.

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Display Catchy Tag lines Everyone is more than interested in offers discounts and anything that would be free or half the price. And why not this be. Who does not like receiving gifts and surprises. Well surprise your customers. This could be handy especially for startups and new businesses. To lure more customers to your site give them offer on your FB page like “Visit our website and getting exciting gifts. This will increase the traffic both on your website as well as your FB page. Promote Your Page Just creating an FB page will not do the magic promoting your page is also very important. How will people visit your page if they do not know about it Promote your page on your visiting cards brochures website etc. When people will know about your page they will surely visit it to get to learn more about it. And this will also increase awareness about your business. More visitors on your page also means more visitors to your site. Ans more the people know about your business chances are you will have more customers.

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Schedule Your Post One of the best features that Facebook offers you is Facebook Insights. By looking at the data on the Insights you have an idea about how many people are usually visiting your page and during which hour of the day. Suppose the maximum of your traffic is around 9-10 in the morning and 8-9 in the evening. Then it is wise to schedule your posts in those hours to get the best result. Update Post Status Consistently Keeping a track of your page insight and analytics will help you understand the interests of your visitors more. If you want to engage more with your audience try to post things that are of their interest or topics that might build up their interests. Also make sure to be consistent about your posts because that will ensure daily visitors to your page. Breaking the consistency might result in losings your regular audience. Engage with FB community and Other Pages Do not wait for your visitors to interact with your first. Take the initiative and reach out to them first interact with them host contests and quizzes for them etc. Another important thing to keep in mind is using to tag people. This will make them feel special and that they are personally a part of your page. Also like and follow other pages join other groups. This will possibly get the visitors of those pages and groups to your page too.

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