5 Food Items That Can Be Used For Carpet Cleaning


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Do you know kitchen Items like salt and lemon can be helpful in Carpet Cleaning? Well Yes, not only salt and lemon you can also use Beer and White Wine to remove stubborn stains on the Carpet. To know about this go to https://www.drimasters.net/blog/carpet-cleaning-ideas-from-your-kitchen


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Carpet Cleaning - Ideas From The Kitchen


5 Food Items That Can Be Used For Carpet Cleaning


1. Beer This fuzzy drink is super effective against coffee stains that have long settled onto your carpet fibers . All you need is a wash cloth and half a cup of beer.


2. Salt Simply add enough salt on the stained area so it is covered by salt and then leave it on for a minute. You’ll find that the salt has absorbed the grease, preventing its penetration into the carpet fibers .


3. Lemon Apply lemon juice to the affected area of your carpet. Leave it on for an hour and then wash it off. See the results for yourself.


4. Potato All you have to do is cut the potato into two parts, and place them on the affected area. This needs to be left on for a day, followed by cleaning it with lukewarm water and a cotton cloth.


5. White Wine All you need to do is pour a little white wine onto the red spot and wait for it to work its magic. The stain should then be rubbed gently using soapy water and a cotton cloth.


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