Replacing or Cleaning Carpets What do you Prefer?

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Are you confused whether to Replace or Clean your Carpet? Worry no more read here to resolve your confusion.


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Replacing OR Carpet Cleaning? What do you prefer?


4 Factors That Determine the Better Option - Replacing or Cleaning Carpets


AGE/DURATION 1 No doubt, the overall lifespan varies depending on the traffic your carpet experiences on a daily basis. When the technicians arrive, they will do a thorough inspection of your carpet, which will help you to determine whether to replace or repair your carpet.


WORN OUT OR DIRTY 2 Even dirty carpets can look faded, especially when not cared properly. Overwetting carpets can cause damage as well. So, if your rugs are showing signs of wear and tear before time, then it may be a good idea to have them professionally cleaned. So, don’t rush to replace your carpets, they can still be saved!


3 TYPE OF STAINS Stains such as ink, blood, wine (red or white), and pet urine do more damage than simple mud or dirt stains. This attribute can be a tie-breaker for you


4 STYLE Your new house may need new carpets throughout. There will be times when the carpet style is outdated and no longer fits in with the decor.


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