A Guide of Uterine Prolapse Operation

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If you are in need of vaginal prolapse surgery, choose the right gynaecologist near you in Melbourne soon. For more details visit the website pages of the professionals.


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A Guide of Uterine Prolapse Operation The reproductive health of women is quite challenging in nature and there is a visible biological shift has been seen among the women from the social and political restrictions. The vibe of liberation among them has made this possible for implementing a freedom loving mentality on them. But this also invites some sudden changes to the most delicate part of the women and has created a lot of pressure and as a result the gynaecological issues are accelerating day by day. None wants dysfunctional reproductive health as it can cause extreme irritation in daily life. Some may feel hesitated to discuss freely this nuisance. But as soon as you share about your issues the fastest it will be solved. What Can Cause a Uterus to Be Prolapsed The uterus and womb is the major part of the entire reproductive system. This is mainly a muscular structure that is supported by the pelvic muscles and ligaments. For weak muscles and ligament stretch it will become difficult to support the uterus any more causing prolapse. Uterine prolapse occurs when the uterus sags from its normal position into the vagina. This can be incomplete and complete. An incomplete prolapse occurs when the uterus is only partly sagging into the vagina and a complete prolapse occurs when the uterus falls down that some tissues protrude outside the vagina. The eminent gynaecologists will offer you the best uterine prolapse operation option in Melbourne and you will get rid of this problem soon. What Are the Symptoms of Uterine Prolapse Women with minor uterine prolapse may not have developed any symptoms. For moderate to severe prolapse there are some symptoms you can notice such as- • The feeling that you are sitting on a fluffy surface • Vaginall bleeding • Vaginal discharge • Painful sexual intercourse • Protruding cervix out of the vagina • A heavy feeling inside the pelvis

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• Constipation problem • A problem to empty your bladder If you have any of these symptoms you must carry on the consultation with the top gynaecologists near you to get treatment right way. Are There Any Associated Risk Factors The susceptibility of having a prolapsed uterus increased as a woman ages and her estrogen level starts diminishing. Estrogen is the hormone that helps to keep the pelvic muscle strength. Damage to the pelvic muscle or tissue during the childbirth period may also lead to prolapse. The postmenopausal women with more than one vaginal childbirths are at the highest risk. Some activities that put pressure on your pelvic muscle can increase your risk of uterine prolapse. These chronic conditions are included as obesity chronic cough and chronic constipation and so on. How Can Be the Condition Diagnosed If your gynaecologist suspects that you are suffering from the uterine prolapse he will strongly evaluate your symptoms and perform a pelvic exam to determine if there is seriously an issue. During this exam the doctor will examine the vaginal canal and uterus. To determine the degree of prolapse the doctor will ask you to bear down as if you are having a bowel movement. There are several types of uterine prolapse such as-

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❖ Cystocele or prolapsed bladder this means the bulging of the bladder into the vagina ❖ Urethrocele or urethral prolapse this occurs often with a cystocele ❖ Rectocele this causes the bulging of the rectum into the vagina ❖ Uterine prolapse this occurs with the descending of the uterus into the vagina ❖ Enterocele this occurs for the protrusion on the intestine into the vagina Vaginal vault prolapse this causes for the protrusion of vaginal cuff into the vagina. What Are the Vaginal Prolapse Treatment Options Most of the reproductive health issues can be mitigated by some lifestyle changing effects and special strengthening exercises. After an extent the uterine prolapse can have a significant cause for concern. After measuring the cause of the severity of the problem the top gynaecologist will discuss the convenient uterine prolapse operation option in Melbourne. Non –Surgical Treatment This can be done after introducing some lifestyle modifications such as- Smoking cessation weight loss and allergy treatment Surgical Treatment After indulging you in an in-depth consultation the top gynaecologists will recommend you the most suitable option for you such as native tissue repair mesh augmentation hysterectomy uterine preservation and vaginal obliteration and so on. For a quick healing and proper functioning of reproductive health you have to choose the top gynaecologist near you to get a promising result you are looking for. Don’t hesitate and share all your trouble with the expert doctors for the betterment of reproductive health.

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