Interior designer and interior decorator difference

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Interior designer and interior decorator difference terms are used interchangeably. However, both are quite different from each other.


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Interior designer and interior decorator difference :

Interior designer and interior decorator difference


Interior designer and interior decorator terms are entirely different from each other. Both have the same work for decorate their space. According to the client requirement designers study the client’s needs and act accordingly. Designing in reality is artistic. An interior designer may decorate. But, an interior decorator cannot design . Finding a technical solution with the available resources is the primary work of an interior designer . An interior designer holds a professional degree and a license. Whereas, an interior decorator don’t. This is why decorators do not design. The difference between i nterior designers and interior decorators are given below .

Interior designer and interior decorator difference :

Interior designer and interior decorator difference An interior designer is a person who design the space that may need to building new walls, flooring, breaking down some walls, tiling, etc., The designer is also created plans and designs that contains planning room layouts, lighting, kitchen designs and bath. But, an interior decorator decorates the spaces and rarely contains the construction in his projects.


DESIGNER : Interior living and work spaces are widely created by an interior designer . An interior designer will be capable of working with available spaces and improve the living quality of the resident. According to the society of interior designers, any designer should be well concerned about his work. The designers also the regularity requirements and safety standards, as per their requirements . New technologies and computerized design features allow interior designers to work on virtual living nowadays. This makes the client to understand about the concepts of the designer to the core. The interior designers have an important knowledge of the Architecture, Design, History of Art and Furniture.


When you hire an Interior Designers ? You can get the benefit of a professional who can help to avoid your mistakes. The most important thing is, create a beautiful, economical space designed generally to meet your demands. The best interior designers has a wide knowledge of their interior materials, products, equipment and finishes. An experienced designer have the training and expertise to schedule, plan, manage and execute your project from start to finish. The best interior designers have a good knowledge of communication. Because, the designers have to communicate their clients directly throughout their projects. So, the communication is more important for every designer.


DECORATOR Interior decorator do not design a new space. Instead, they decorate the existing designed space and improve appearance of the space. Any fashionable and beautiful things which occupies an interior space can be considered as decorating . The interior decorators are mainly involved in decoration : furnishings, fabric, paint and accessories, which are changes the visual impression of a space. The decorator is to modulate the colour of the walls, include decorative elements, types of finishes to the space.  An interior decorator do not knock walls and change the structure and shape of the building.

Designers Job Outlook: :

Designers Job Outlook: Apart from other jobs, the job prospects of an interior designer is very high. It is assumed that the employment chances has been increased day by day, as new buildings have been built daily. The job also includes remodelling interior spaces constructed previously . Scope of interior designing is drastically improved for 21 percent since 2010. It is expected that by 2020 almost 80 percent of total homes will be customized.  The best interior designers are select to complete a master’s or doctoral degree in interior design.

Designers License :

Designers License Many countries in the world had made interior designers to obtain an official license. Before they proceed in to the work. Proper training certification should be produced to obtain the license. In case of decorators formal training is not mandatory.


The interior design license is essential and it must varied from state to state. Usually these requirements contains an integration of education and knowledge in the interior design field. For Example, Coimbatore requires 4 years of combined education and work experience . Working experience must form at least 2 years of the total. Coimbatore involves that interior design candidates pass the two sections of the AIEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design) examination in order to be licensed in the state. The three major cities which are Coimbatore, Trichy and Madurai, providing an 2 years of  a Master of Design Programmes such as (MDes, M.Des. or M.Design).

Interior Designers Major Qualities:

Interior Designers Major Qualities


Interior designers tend to work for both commercials and residential buildings by enhancing the looks and space occupied. Generally, it is mandatory in certain countries to hold a professional training certificate to become an interior designer . Here we discuss about the interior designers major qualities . However, anyone who has a passion towards design and creativity can become an interior designer by developing the skills through formal training. The interior designers have specialized in Residential, Commercial, Corporate, Showrooms, Kitchen, Home, Acrylic solid surface, False ceilings and flooring. Every interior designers have a good taste towards his own work. Nobody can be compared more or less. But, the result of creativity as an interior designer give a smile on the faces of people who live in their house.

Interior Designers Major Qualities :

Interior Designers Major Qualities The clients are trust their designers to perform a vision or create new ideas. The best interior designers have certain qualities that help them to develop the best designs. The design must satisfied their clients. Here we discuss about the interior designers major qualities.

Professional interior designer: :

Professional interior designer: Professionalism is the most expected quality from an interior designer . A professional interior designer will be always punctual in his assignments. The time period taken for the contract is minimum with maximum efforts done by the designer. The best interior designer should have good record of his previous work. An professional interior designer have full of creativity and artistic vision .

Interior designers project management: :

Interior designers project management: The best interior designer should work over deadlines. In order to meet the client requirements an interior designer should work conservative way where clients are pleased towards the work . Particularly when projects are more than one. It is highly a difficult task to compete in this field beyond deadlines. When time management is proper as said with the work quality, anybody would be pleased to work with.

Interior designers communication:

Interior designers communication Interior designers generally multiply their work. They don’t work for a single contract on a fixed basis. On this modern world communication being very necessary as an interior designer . When during a conversation the interior designer should be able to understand the clients requirement and act accordingly . Also clients suggestions should be valued. In case if the idea has a flaw, an interior designer should make the client understand about the negatives of his suggestion.

Interior designers skills :

Interior designers skills It is mandatory to consider safety not only in interior designing , but in all areas. In interior designing safety is the key factor. In everyday life the chances of accidents such as electric spark, fire, is common . So, it is made sure that all safety checklists are made before making the design. Also, the design should never be a hurdle to the ventilation system in a home . There are designs which improves the appearance but lacks in safety . This should be avoided to the maximum particularly when there are kids in home. The Coimbatore association of interior designers mention that one of the best qualities of a designer is the knowledge to plan a space of clients requirements.


Conclusion Interior designing is the best career chosen by young students. An individual with formal training and education with artistic skills possess the highest standards in interior designing. Most of the professional designers are educated from the cities like Coimbatore, Madurai, and Trichy . The interior designers from these cities are found to be talented, artistic, and best in the industry. It is evident that future is about living, and interior designing will be the backbone of any living or working space.

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