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Drainvac develops and markets the most efficient central vacuum cleaners on the market. Discover our range of products for individuals and professionals.


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Automotive Care Units designed for picking up liquids and no daily maintenance required. Whether you run a small business or a large operation with several cleaning bays we have what you need.

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Mobile Series Portable units that are easy to haul. Whether it is for hotels floods to cover a large perimeter or to go where no units are available or accessible.

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Restaurants Units designed for fast and quiet cleaning with tools to hand. No more wet floors

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Pet Care Units that are designed to gently clean animals and others designed to maintain shelters pet shops veterinary clinics and pet boarding facilities.

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Hotels and accommodation Units designed for regular quick and unrivaled cleaning: from floors to bathrooms to mattresses.

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Industrial environments Units designed for heavy-duty use with unrivaled performance and no daily maintenance required. Whether you have a small workshop or large industrial plant we have what you need.

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