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Make cleaning faster and easier with built-in Central Vacuum System by DrainVAC. DrainVa a Central Vacuum System Brand Since 35 Years. All India Service Availbale. For Expert Consultation Call : 91-40-40042323


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The space that we humans call our own is shared by a microscopic neighbour – the small but lethal Dust Mite. What are Dust Mites Dust Mites are so tiny that in just a single gram of dust over 2000 individual mites can survive. They have a lifecycle of only a few weeks during … Continue reading ….

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Ever wondered what more is required to clean that movie theatre you have been struggling with Clearly you are facing a daunting challenge and even your most experienced custodial crew are unable to help. The biggest challenge in the movie theatre cleaning is the auditorium itself. Alongside this kitchen area washrooms waiting zone and customer …

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What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of the upcoming festival – Festivals call for cleaning and vacuuming. We put in the extra effort invest a lot of time and money into making our home look clean and sparkly. In the country where half of the year is spent …

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Keeping the house clean all the time is a Herculean task with ever-increasing air pollution and changing lifestyles that leaves little time to do cleaning chores on a daily basis. The manual cleaning methods are not effective as they do not fully get rid of the dust. While they do help in cleaning the trash …

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