A master plan to defeat depression

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EPRESSION I am lost! No one appreciates me! I can’t get through this! I am useless!

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“The unexamined life is not worth living.” This presentation describes how to develop a Master S ystem for addressing and defeating depression and thus provides a compass for your journey .

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SEVEN SELF-GUIDANCE STEPS 1. Establis hing a mission 2. Setting goals 3. Planning to meet the goals 4. Implementing the plan 5. Evaluating your progress 6. Revising the plan 7. Recognizing procrastination impediments Give yourself a direction Identify steps to achieve the mission A design for achieving your goals Move forward and test its validity Identify its strengths and what needs improvement Use your evaluation Ask Ahmed 

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Establishing a mission long-term assignment for accomplishing what you desire. Missions can represent a special purpose. Describe your antidepression mission. Setting goals

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Setting goals Setting goals Goals. Objectives. What are your counter-depression goals? What objectives support the goal? Share your goals.

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Converting negativity into positive goals I am lost I can’t get through this I am not accepted as a friend  I hate X & Y courses Find a bearing Yes I can Find exceptions & make new friends Learn to tolerate what I don’t like Planning to meet the goals

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Planning to meet the goals Planning to meet the goals Plans represent procedures for turning ideas into actions. Ask yourself these questions: Implementing the plan How will I go about achieving my goals? What do I need to know and do to start?

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Implementing the plan Implementing the plan Evaluating your progress

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Evaluating your progress Evaluating your progress “Did I give myself workable instructions to implement the plan?” “Did I follow the process I set for myself?” “If I accurately followed the plan, what did I learn?” “What unexpected conditions came into play?” Revising the plan

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Revising the plan Revising the plan Accomplishments are often preceded by revisions. You have to pay the price to learn the trade. What modifications or revisions would improve the plan?

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