4 Tips for Long-Lasting Tummy Tuck Results

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A tummy tuck is one of the more involved procedures in plastic surgery. As such, it’s only natural to be concerned with the long-term outcome of your commitment.


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4 Tips for Long-Lasting Tummy Tuck Results :

4 Tips for Long-Lasting Tummy Tuck Results http://www.rodriguezplastic.com/

Follow Post-Care Instructions :

Follow Post-Care Instructions The recovery period following a tummy tuck is crucial for determining the long-term results of your surgery. During this period, you want to make sure that you closely follow all after-care instructions to prevent any complications that could affect your long-term results.

Avoid Future Pregnancies :

Avoid Future Pregnancies Pregnancy can put your body through a tremendous amount of stress. Carrying a child in the womb would place pressure on the abdominal muscles and skin tightened during a tummy tuck. This pressure could undo some of the results of the procedure. Therefore, an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck should not have plans for future pregnancies.

Avoid Excessive Weight Gain :

Avoid Excessive Weight Gain An ideal tummy tuck candidate should also be at a stable weight. Similar to pregnancy, weight gain can strain the abdominal wall, loosening up the skin and muscles tightened during the procedure . Before getting a tummy tuck, you want to make sure that you’re close to your ideal weight and can maintain it.

Diet & Exercise :

Diet & Exercise During and after the recovery period, your surgeon will inform you as to when and how much exercise you can engage in . It’s important to start small as your body recovers, but eventually you’ll want to return to a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

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