Uterine cancer has to be treated holistically Dr. Rani Bhat

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Uterine cancer has to be treated holistically Presented by Dr . Rani Bhat Source: Economic Times, 22nd Feb 2020


When women are obese, it not only affects their reproductive function like irregular menstrual bleeding, they can also have difficulty to conceive and if not guided properly or advised well, these women are at the risk of developing endometrial cancer as well . Shahid Akhter , editor, ETHealthworld spoke to Dr Rani A Bhat , head & senior consultant, division of gynaecological oncology, HCG, Bengaluru, to know more about the latest advancements in endometrial cancer care and the growing burden of obesity and its impact.


Gynae oncology: challenges When we see young women in the reproductive age group ending up with endometrial cancer because of obesity, that is because obese women have a menstrual condition called polycystic ovarian disease which is a hormone-related condition. They will not have a menstrual cycle for three months to six months and over the period of months they can end up with uterine cancer. So these are young women who are very anxious to become pregnant and now they have landed up with uterine cancer.


Gynaeoncology : Latest advancements Reproductive age women with obesity and uterine cancer is not just one modality kind of treatment. There are various things which we have to tackle. One that obesity is the main cause leading to endometrial cancer, second is to treat cancer, and the third is that they are very anxious to become pregnant. So is there any chance that we can fulfill that factor for that lady. When it comes to uterine cancers especially in obese women, it is not only cancer but they also have other medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. With modalities that we have for cancer, we can tell the women whether we have to remove the whole of the uterus including the ovaries or only the uterus and leave behind the ovaries which give her an option later to have surrogacy.


Gynae oncology @ Dr. Rani Bhat Uterine cancer   has to be treated holistically. We include a dietician, a physiotherapist, and yoga to guide them about their diet and exercise post-surgery. If we do not take this part into consideration and advise women to lose weight after surgery they are at risk of developing recurrence again. We need a reproductive medicine facility also so that we can guide her to that and yes she does have an option to have her pregnancy later.


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