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Overview of SOC 2900 Social Theory -- Better late than never


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Course Overview:

Course Overview Syllabus

Required Materials: :

Required Materials: Student must have access to the Blackboard system. Each student must verify that their login ID and password are functional. It is the student’s responsibility to get technical assistance as required. Student must have access to a reliable computer with an Internet connection as they can expect to be online 3-4 times each week. This can be the computer in their home, office, or at the Madonna computer labs. The student must have a backup plan for accessing a computer in case their primary computer becomes non functional during the semester.

Required Materials: :

Required Materials: Each student is responsible for making certain that their Madonna University email account is working and that their email address as it is listed in the Blackboard system is correct. If the student chooses to forward their email from the Madonna email system, the student is responsible for ensuring that class communications are received. In order to be successful, students have to be proficient with Blackboard learning Management system. Therefore, it is highly recommended that students complete the Blackboard training class “How to Thrive in an Online Class” that is offered to Madonna University students at no charge at the beginning of each term. Workshop schedule can be found here:

Required Materials: :

Required Materials: Student must have a thumb drive or external hard drive to be used as a backup device for assignments submitted for the class. Students assignments should be submitted in the following formats: Word processing doc, docx , rtf, pdf Spreadsheets xls , xlsx Class presentations ppt , pptx Students should be able to play media and also read documents in PDF format. Students should have the most recent version of Java.

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As this is an online course. Online courses are sometimes referred to as “asynchronous,” meaning that not everyone is “in the classroom at the same time (“synchronous” is what a face-to-face classroom is). That does not mean that you can just pop in and out whenever you desire throughout the course, however. You are required to “attend” each unit in the course and submit your assignments accordingly. If a student is not “present” during a week’s unit, or does not participate fully, points will be deducted accordingly (see participation, discussion board, and assignment requirements below).

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All students are required to use their Madonna University e-mail accounts . E-mails will be generated through the course Blackboard site. If you do not have your Madonna University e-mail activated, you will need to do so. I will not communicate to you via your personal e-mail account as the Blackboard site contains only your Madonna e-mails. I will use the Blackboard system as a means of communication, not only for making important announcements, transmitting reading assignments or other assignments, as well as posting thought questions for the following class discussion. You are responsible for checking your email and blackboard, and ensuring that your mailbox is not full and thus are able to receive messages.

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Within the Blackboard Discussion Board area, there is a thread entitled “Ask Your Instructor.” This is an area where you should post questions regarding the course. This not only helps all of us manage our e-mail inboxes, but it also provides a useful communication tool. If you have a question about something, the chances are that your classmates do to. Here is something to think about: In an online class, we are attempting to create an environment similar to what you would have if we were all together in an on ground class. If we were sitting in the room and you had a question, you would raise your hand and ask it, right? Then, everyone in the class would hear it too. Asking it in the “Ask Your Instructor” section provides this opportunity.

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Discussion board posts must address the topic presented. Posting in a format that cannot be read, posting to the wrong discussion, or posting comments that are not on topic will result in a reduced grade. All discussion board posts must be edited for content. Posts with inappropriate or hurtful comments or posts with inappropriate language will be deleted from discussion boards and you will not be given credit for the posting. T he instructor reserves the right to remove any post that is not appropriate for the class discussion.

Course Materials:

Course Materials Thursdays: Each week, Professor will provide an announcement outlining what is expected each week --- referred to as units. Lecture materials, and any other materials to be reviewed during that week’s unit will be posted.

What to do after the material is posted?:

What to do after the material is posted? Friday through Mondays: Students are not expected to be active in the course room over the weekend. Being active in the course room over the weekend is entirely up to individual students. Some students who work may find that being active in the course room fits with their schedule better. In any event, your responses to your initial posts are due each Monday by 11:59 p.m. Students should read and review any material provided by the instructor. Students should prepare to submit their initial responses to the discussion board each Monday by 11:59 p.m.

Discussion Boards: :

Discussion Boards: Mondays – by 11:59 p.m.: Initial postings by students to the week’s discussion board topic should be posted by 11:59 p.m. (midnight) of each Monday (late responses will result in point loss) Tuesdays: Students have until Tuesday by 11:59 p.m. to have all their responses to fellow classmates posted on the discussion board (late responses will result in loss of points)


Quizzes Wednesdays: Each week there will be a 10 point quiz. Students should have their quizzes completed each Wednesday by 11:59 p.m. Quizzes will be closed by midnight each Wednesday. Failure to take each week’s quiz will affect your grade.

Discussion Boards::

Discussion Boards: Because class discussions are an essential part of this course, students will earn class participation points. You, as students are expected to participate in the discussions. I t is an important part of the class and a space where you each will learn critical thinking skills and how to defend your opinion. Having said that, you may disagree with other colleagues or with the readings, but you must be able to back-up your opinion. Thus, in order to have meaningful dialogue, students must do the reading assigned prior to the class meeting.

Discussion Boards:

Discussion Boards Lastly, responding to your posts is not the same as texting. I expect academic writing. This means proper grammar and no typos or spelling errors (no lower case “I”). Do not use cryptic language common in texting – use proper English! Your initial discussion board posts should be at least 150 words. Your posts should be substantive – in other words, they should lend itself to the discussion. Please review the following scoring guide that will be used to assess your participation on the discussion boards. If you follow this, you will receive the total points = 12 for each weeks’ topic.

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