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Best Stomach Cancer Surgeon in Bangalore | Dr. Prabhu talks about the different diagnosis methods for the detection of tumor in stomach.


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Diagnosis and treatments have evolved over the years. The doctor will first discuss  medical history and examine the patient. If the doctor suspects stomach cancer tests will be needed to confirm. MEDICAL HISTORY AND PHYSICAL EXAM Doctors will discuss regarding bloating abdominal pain other digestion issues. The doctor will do a physical examination along with this. The other diagnosis methods will involve the following ways:

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UPPER ENDOSCOPY EGD or Upper endoscopy  is the test used to diagnose stomach cancer. Doctors recommend this test when people have risk factors or symptoms associated with stomach cancer. The doctor passes a thin flexible tube called endoscope with a small video camera on the end down your throat. If abnormal tissues are seen a small part of tissue can be taken out and sent to a lab to check for cancer. When the doctor views a tumour in the stomach through an endoscope it may appear like a mushroom-shaped mass. But unfortunately there is a type of stomach cancer called hereditary diffuse gastric cancer syndrome in which the tumour cannot be spotted during an endoscopy.

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ENDOSCOPIC ULTRASOUND This test uses sound waves to produce images of organs. A probe called transducer is placed on the stomach wall. This probe detects echoes that are computer processed to produce an image. The quality of this image is better than standard ultrasound. Endoscopic ultrasound helps the doctor assess the stage of cancer the lymph nodes and tissues.

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BIOPSY When the doctor conducts an endoscopy spots an abnormal region he recommends a biopsy to conform if it is cancer. Biopsies may also be taken from the stomach intestines lymph nodes to check if cancer has spread. TESTING BIOPSY SAMPLES Biopsy samples are sent to a lab and examined under a microscope to check if they are cancerous.

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IMAGING TESTS Imaging tests use x-rays or magnetic waves sound waves or radioactive substances to create images. CHEST X-RAY Doctors may recommend this test to check if cancer has spread to the lungs from the stomach.

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COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY CT OR CAT SCAN A CT scan uses x-rays to make accurate images of your body. MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING MRI SCAN MRI scans use radio waves to get detailed images of soft tissues in the body

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This procedure uses X-rays to look at the inner lining of the stomach interstine and esophagus. But it is not a very accurate diagnosis procedure as sometimes it can miss finding abnormal regions. But it is considered as a less evasive procedure. POSITRON EMISSION TOMOGRAPHY PET SCAN During a PET scan doctors are injected with a radioactive form of sugar. This collects mainly in cancer cells. The areas radioactive sugar is identified with images captured by a camera. UPPER GASTROINTESTINAL GI SERIES

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LAPAROSCOPY Doctors recommend laparoscopy only after stomach cancer is confirmed . Since imaging tests such as CT or MRI scans can miss small tumours doctors perform this procedure to confirm cancer before surgery. LAB TESTS Doctors recommend a complete blood count test  to rule out for anemia that is usually caused in patients who have stomach cancer. In a similar manner other blood tests may be recommended to check if your other organs are healthy before undergoing a surgery to remove the tumor.

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