Why seeking paralysis treatment in Ayurveda can be a Beneficial Bet

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As per the Ayurveda, paralysis treatment includes a balance of herbal medications, Ayurvedic massages, and lifestyle changes. We at Parijatak incorporate the same at each stage of our paralysis treatment in Ayurveda to ensure effective outcomes and quick recovery. Under the expertise of several therapists we work out the best initiatives to give paralysis Ayurvedic cure a completely new form.


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WWW .PARIJATAK.COM Why seeking paralysis treatment in Ayurveda can be a Beneficial Bet Ayurveda has emerged out as an effective treatment option for various ailments and paralysis is no exception. The paralysis treatment in Ayurveda usually focuses on helping the patient to adapt to the day to day normal life without as much independence as possible. The term paralysis in Ayurveda has a special terminology called the Vata Vyadh which is as per the classical texts. Talk about the best ayurvedic treatment for paralysis and consists of several types of massages that relax the muscles and stimulate nerves. Therapies that correct vata Doshas also are also considered as important Ayurvedic treatment for Paralysis.

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WWW .PARIJATAK.COM What is paralysis Paralysis can be called as the loss of muscle function for single or more number of muscles. It can be even accompanied by a loss of feeling or the sensory loss that is found in the affected area provided you find the sensory damage along with the motor skills. Paralysis can hamper the complete body or any particular body part. When the entire body is affected it is often called as the complete Paralysis. While when you find it hampering particular body part it is termed as the partial Paralysis. A facial Paralysis can be called as the common types of disabilities that end up resulting from stroke and thus often hamper any one side of the face.

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WWW .PARIJATAK.COM What are the causes of paralysis The key cause of Paralysis is often the impairment of nerves that are found in the spine or over the brain. Some of the other causes of this medical condition include Stroke spinal cord injury head injury and multiple sclerosis is among the four key common causes of Paralysis. While the others brain ailment includes infections or even the environmental toxins that can bring in the issues like Paralysis. Have a look at the following list that gives the causes of Paralysis. Some of the other causes of this medical condition include the following:  Neurological diseases like Cerebral Palsy Multiple Sclerosis Peripheral Neuropathy and Bell’s palsy.  Infectious/autoimmune diseases like Lyme disease HIV Spondylitis and Guillain-Barre syndrome.  Serious or life-threatening ailments including the brain tumor hemorrhage stroke or trauma.  Trauma including herniated vertebral disk direct trauma to a nerve or broken or severed spinal cord.  Environmental ailments like toxins poisons and radiation.

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WWW .PARIJATAK.COM What are the signs and symptoms of paralysis Before you rush for the paralysis ayurvedic treatment you need to understand the symptoms that can help you report the doctor. This condition hampers muscle power and thus brings in partial or total immobility. Some of the symptoms and signs related to Paralysis include the following:  Changes in blood circulation and respiration  Changes in kidneys and gastrointestinal system  Changes in muscles joints and bones

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WWW .PARIJATAK.COM  Spasticity of the limbs  Pressure Sores  Muscle spasms  Edema  Feelings of numbness or pain  Blood clots in the lower limbs  Skin injury  Disruption of the normal working of the tissues glands and organs  Bacterial infection  Constipation  Loss of control of urination  Abnormal sweating  Sexual difficulties  Abnormal breathing or heart rate  Behavioral issues  Balance problems  Difficulty speaking or swallowing  Pain and swelling in the Knee Get it treated with natural therapies  Vision problems

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WWW .PARIJATAK.COM Why Ayurveda for paralysis As they say health is not just an absence of any ailment it is a dynamic expression of life. Ayurveda stands for promoting balance and makes the expression possible. Thus when it comes to the paralysis ayurvedic treatment you are bound to get several benefits that give you enough reasons to consider this treatment option. As per Ayurveda the best ayurvedic treatment for paralysis deals with normalizing Prana Vayu flow. This is carried out with the following therapies which can be carried out in different stages of Paralysis depending much upon the general condition of the patient.  Abhyangam - The complete body massage relaxing the nerves and muscles.  Padabhyanga - It helps in relaxing the muscles and ligaments found over the lower limbs.  Pizhichil - This paralysis ayurvedic treatment warm oil massage that stimulates the nerves and muscles.  Sneha Vasti feels to correcting the Vata Dosha. In this way best ayurvedic treatment for paralysis can offer too many benefits to the patient suffering from this ailment.

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