Top Hip Replacement Surgeon in India

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Top Hip Replacement Surgeon in India – Dr Niraj Vora | Orthopaedic Surgeon India:

Top Hip Replacement Surgeon in India – Dr Niraj Vora | Orthopaedic Surgeon India


Orthopaedic Surgeon India Being one of the largest and most critical joints in the body the hip joint supports the body weight and forms the pillar for every body movement. And this is why chronic hip pain can severely affect the quality of life by interfering in every activity in our daily life. What starts as pain, swelling and inflammation can accelerate into debilitating hip pain robbing the comfort, wearing you mentally and physically even during the rest. While the hip pain is primarily treated with conservative treatment options like physical therapy, medications, even the hip joint is severely damaged due to medical conditions like age-related  arthritis , or injury, these treatment options fall short of relieving the hip pain. And this is when an  orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon recommends hip replacement surgery.


What is hip replacement surgery? Hip replacement surgery is a surgical procedure where the damaged hip joint is replaced with an artificial hip joint that is made up of metal and plastic to mimic the natural functions of the hip. When the conservative treatments fail to provide the much-needed relief from the hip pain, an  orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon  employees hip replacement surgery . Two major types of hip replacement surgeries performed by  hip replacement surgeons : traditional and minimally invasive hip replacement surgeries. While traditional procedure involves large 12-inch incisions to get the procedure done, minimally invasive 2-inch incision where advanced high-precision surgical tools are used to perform the replacement. The type of hip replacement procedure elected is based on the age, health and medical status of the patient.


When hip replacement surgery is recommended by  joint replacement surgeon ? Hip replacement surgery  could have a significant impact on improving the quality of life by decreasing the pain, improving mobility. However hip replacement surgery is recommended as a last resort when conservative treatment options like medications, physical therapy fail to provide relief from the symptoms. Only an  orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon  after a thorough evaluation of the hip condition can make the right judgement on the requirement of  hip replacement surgery . Who is the best hip replacement surgeon in India ? A gold medallist in orthopaedics , Dr Niraj is the UK trained joint replacement surgeon specialising in hip replacement surgery procedures. His expertise and excellent track record in joint replacement surgeries are duly recognised by India Today which named him as ‘ Top Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai ’ for 2020 .


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