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www.drnirajvora.com What is Total Hip Replacement Total Hip Replacement  is a surgical operation that removes the damaged parts of the hip joint (ball-and-socket joint) which is replaced with the artificial parts the provides perfect stability and duplicates the versatile motion of the hip joint.


www.drnirajvora.com HOW LONG DOES THE TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE TAKE? On an average, most of the  Hip Replacement Surgeries  take approximately 2 hours. Exact time depend upon the facilities and efficiency of the hospital. Everything is discussed prior to the total hip replacement procedure with the patient.


www.drnirajvora.com WHO CAN UNDERGO THIS TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE? There are no concrete rules and regulations in terms of weight and age requirements for undergoing this total hip replacement procedure . A patient is recommended this procedure not based on the age but on the severity of his condition. Though most of the patients are in the age group of 50-80, hip replacement procedures have been performed across all ages, successfully.


www.drnirajvora.com WHAT IS THE RECOVERY TIME FOR THE TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT? Recovering time for this procedure is subjective, as every patient heals at a different pace. In general, patients are to use support crutches to assimilate their condition. As they slowly improve their confidence, they progress to canes


www.drnirajvora.com HOW LONG WILL THE PATIENT HAVE TO STAY IN THE HOSPITAL? Patients can move to their home with 5-7 days of the surgery. However, you can opt for the rehabilitation options available at the hospital.


www.drnirajvora.com WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE TO THE HIP REPLACEMENT? Pain-killers, walking aids, physio-therapy programs and steroid injections may help in relieving the pain, but it is only when they are deemed ineffective, a patient is recommended this total hip replacement procedure . However, hip resurfacing can be considered as an alternative. It involves replacement of damaged bone surfaces with the metal surface. But it is effective only in the younger adults and there are some concerns about the total success of the procedure as well.


www.drnirajvora.com WHAT IS THE SUCCESS RATE OF TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE? “97% of the patients who underwent this Total Hip Replacement Procedure have been super-happy with the total hip replacement procedure and would definitely recommend it to their friends with the similar condition” an independent medical study has quoted.


www.drnirajvora.com MEET AN EXPERT Having said, being a complicated procedure the success rate can only be guaranteed provided the best hip replacement surgeon work on the cases. If you are looking for one, check for  Dr.Niraj Vora  who has successfully performed 3000 plus total hip and knee replacement surgeries and 1000 Plus trauma and general orthopaedic surgeries that have relieved the pain of many patients.

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