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Hip replacement Surgery is a process that can renovate joint mobility and function in patients with major joint disease. Dr Niraj Vora who is Hip replacement specialist in Mumbai will help you to have the benefit of your new hip while safely recommence your daily routines.


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Life After Hip Surgery:

Life After Hip Surgery Dr Niraj Vora : TOP HIP REPLACEMENT SURGEON IN MUMBAI www.drnirajvora.com

What is Hip Replacement Surgery?:

A process that can renovate joint mobility and function in patients with major joint disease. Even though a total joint replacement cannot make you an athlete or allow you to do more than you could before the surgery, the goal is to return to comfortable and enjoyable activities of daily life. Hip replacement surgeries are successful in mitigating pain and improving motion, but the repossession can be uncomfortable and needs considerable time and endeavor by the patient. What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Life After Hip Replacement:

You can anticipate your lifestyle to be a lot like the way it was prior to, but exclusive of the pain and it will take time. You need to partner the therapeutic process to make sure a successful result in Hip replacement surgery recovery time. You will learn to become skilled at new ways of bending down that remains your new hip safe. Life After Hip Replacement

Benefits After Hip Surgery:

Condensed Hip Pain Enlarged Mobility and Movement Progress of Abnormality Increased Leg potency Enhanced Quality of Life, Capability to Return to Normal Activities Facilitates to sleep without pain Benefits After Hip Surgery

Don’t s after Surgeries:

Don’t cross your legs at the knees Don’t turn at the waist beyond 90 degrees. Don't make an effort to pick up something on the floor while you are sitting. Don't twist your feet extremely inward or outward when you bend down. Don’t s after Surgeries

Do’ s after Surgeries:

Do use ice to reduce pain and swelling, but keep in mind that ice will reduce sensation. Don't apply ice directly to the skin. Instead use an ice pack or envelop it in a moist towel. Do remain the affected leg in front as you sit or stand. Do’ s after Surgeries


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