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What is “Civil Identity”?:

in Relationships What is “Civil Identity”? Introduction to Social Psychology

What is a “Civil Identity”?:

What is a “ Civil Identity ”? … ‘ Civil identity ’ is (a Social Psychology term ) – that describes a collective of features concerning an individual’s present ethnicity, political party membership, race and color, religious membership, disability/handicap, age group/ generation, 'proper' sexual orientation and marital status. 1 - Sociology 101

“Civil Identity”:

“Civil Identity” - .. describes an identified individual without present disambiguous features, all of which, are clearly understood within the subculture of the investigated population in which the individual is a member of in a broader multicultural society. 2 - Introduction to Social Psychology

“Social Identity”:

“Social Identity” A person’s sense of belongingness to a collective of identified important groups such as; Citizen ship : a Nation * Residency : Home Address Property: Deeds and co- OWNER ship in Real estate e.g., vacation homes, office buildings, land, and may include motor homes, RVs, cars, boats, planes, electronics, etc. Profession : a trade, vocation, skill, craft boards or union organizations, etc Education: Credentials , degrees, diplomas, certifications, documentation of schools or classes successfully attended. Title(s) in a club, ‘charity’, or organizations, etc. Socio-economic Class : Amount of money in bank-checking/savings, in stocks and bonds investments, in bank notes and certificates. - Social Psychology: 200

“Family Identity”:

“Family Identity” The “Family Identity” is based on ‘civil identity’ closely associated with a specific surname and… Surname: that specific family name passed down line generation after generation in a family lineage; from whom the origins of the surname - to the very youngest new born. (not an ‘assumed’ family name) Middle name : ‘NMI’ (means, N o M iddle I ntitial). It is a name traditionally given by joint parents, by inter-marrying families of the same (or similar) ‘civil identities’ to protect the family against fraud, phonys, and fakes-using reputable ‘names’ as a tactic or strategy to profit in multicultural finance. First name: a personal name given to a newborn by parents – culturally, to be used in every day conversations - with a specific meaning – concerning the reputation to ‘live up to’ in society. - Social Psychology: 200

Components of “CIVIL IDENTITY”:

Components of “CIVIL IDENTITY ” Ancestry National origin Disability Race Color Age Sex Religion Familial status Marital status Source of income Arbitrary Sexual (pleasure preference) Orientation - Marriage and Family Therapy

Biopsychosociocultural Model:

Biopsychosociocultural Model Biologic “Civil Identity” Psychologic Social Culture Sex Disability Color Race Disability Religion Ethnicity Martial Status Belief/Creed Sex Race Color FOOTNOTE : To a lesser or greater degree of mental disability always coexists with any physical disability and so it is therefore that with a mental disability, a physical disability or a biochemical imbalance is coexistent-affecting/or effecting an individual’s ‘civil identity.’ Social Religion Martial Status PoliticalParty New evolving wholistic model:

“Civil identity”:

“Civil identity” Ethnicity: Russian-American Political Party: Democrat Race: Caucazoid * Color: Tan Complexion Religion: Fundamental Christian Age: 21 * Disability: None Known Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Marital Status : Single/Never Married Note: Couples who share the same (or very similar) ‘Civil identity’, recognize, identify with, related to, bond together, and marry - living in a multi-cultural society are considered ‘equallyoked’. - Social Psychology: 200 An example:

“Civil Identity”:

“Civil Identity” - Ethnicity: Euro-American - Religion: Conservative Christian - Race: White - Color: Light Complexion - Age: 21 ½ - Gender: Male - Sexual orientation: Heterosexual - Marital Status: Single - Ethnicity: Euro-American - Religion: Fundamental Christian - Race: White - Color: Light Complexion - Age: 21 - Gender: Female - Sexual orientation: Heterosexual - Marital Status: Single - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology Example 1: 1, 2 Example 2:

“Civil Identity”:

“Civil Identity” - Ethnicity: - Politics: - Religion: - Race: - Color: - Age: - Gender: - Sex : - Marital Status: - Ethnicity: -Politics: - Religion: - Race: - Color: - Age: - Gender: - Sex : - Marital Status: ‘de facto’ (in fact, in reality) personality personality


QUIZ (1.) Why do you think that the components of ‘civil identity’ vary so much in a multiculturally developing country? Write your opinion: Include - What is the psychology driving such ‘civil identity’ diversity? Are there significant evolving community health issues concerning a growing ‘civil identity’ diversity throughout populations? Identify the most disconcerting of the politics underlying it all? Write Your Name Introduction to Social Psychology Date Due Here Make sure, you put you name, subject, and date on your paper, 35 points for any intelligent attempt to answer all of this SocPsy quiz,

The End:

The End * Key Words: Unequally yoked, equally yoked, egalitarianistic, true equality, introduction to social psychology, violation of social mores, social science, schizophrenia, deviancy, abnormalacies, sexual perversions, sociology, psychopathology, sociopathology, equallyoked, abberations, equallyokedtarian, deviancies, equallyokedtarianism, dyadic psychology, marriage, family, and child psychology, sociocultural anthropology, human ecology, etc. - The Biopsychosociocultural Medical Model/ Baselines for ‘Civil Identities’

Some Suggested Schools:

Some Suggested Schools Liberty U., Lee U. , Houghton Coll., Southern Adventist U ., Johnson U., California Lutheran U ., Northland Coll., Milligan Coll. , Coll. of the Ozarks, Cedarville U ., Anderson U., Samford U. , Bryan Coll., Corban U. , Hendrix Coll., Southwestern U. , Centre Coll., Bethel Coll. , Central Coll., Eastern U. , Belmont U., Luther Coll. , Eastern Mennonite U., Southern Methodist U. , Macalester Coll., Muhlenberg Coll. , Gustavus Adolphus Coll., George Fox U. , Southeastern U., Emory U. , St. Olaf Coll., Dordt Coll. , Hope Coll., Roberts Wesleyan Coll. , Concordia U., NE, DePauw U. , Whitworth U., Lafayette Coll. , Wittenberg U., Taylor U. , Abilene Christian U., Sewanee-U . of the South , Valparaiso U., Texas Christian U. , Ohio Wesleyan U., Franklin Coll. , Ouachita Baptist U., U. of Mobile , Gordon Coll., Covenant Coll. , California Baptist U., Millsaps Coll. , Goshen Coll., Allegheny Coll. , Union U., Westmont Coll., Waynesburg U. , Biola U., Wheaton Coll. , Regent U., Presbyterian Coll. , Baylor U., Davidson Coll. , Rhodes Coll., Transylvania U. , Pepperdine U., Wofford Coll. , Oklahoma Baptist U., Indiana Wesleyan U. , Trinity U., Asbury U. , Hanover Coll., Chapman U. , Messiah Coll., Nebraska Wesleyan U. , Illinois Coll., Augustana Coll. – SD , Point Loma Nazarene U., Erskine Coll. , Augsburg Coll., Calvin Coll. , Azusa Pacific U., Concordia Coll. , U. of Evansville, North Central Coll. , Vanguard U. of SoCal, Seattle Pacific U. , Oklahoma Christian U., Patrick Henry Coll. , Albion Coll., LeTourneau U. , Oral Roberts U., John Brown U. , Oklahoma City U., Wartburg Coll. , Alma Coll., U. of Tulsa, Grove City Coll., Belhaven U. , American U. - The Study of Theoretical Equallyokedtarianism-as Bible Truth


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