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Urolithiasis: Symptoms Evaluation Diagnosis Treatment The mainstay in the diagnosis is the ultrasound scan. It is easily available and diagnoses all renal stones and many ureteric stones. There are some ureteric stones that are not seen on ultrasound due to interference by bowel gases. In such cases a CT scan will help in the accurate diagnosis albeit at a higher cost. X rays are not commonly done now as they fail to detect small stones and radiolucent stones. The treatment of urolithiasis depends upon many factors. They are:Location of the stonesSize of the stonesThe hardness of the stonesPatient’s symptomsThe degree of obstruction caused by the stoneUsually kidney stones which are about 3-4 mm are not treated because they do not cause symptoms. Larger stones are treated because there is a chance that they may migrate into the ureter and cause a blockage. The treatment of such stones is either by ESWL or endoscopy. BY DR. GIRISH NELIVIGI What are the symptoms of stones in the urinary tract Pain is the most common symptom. However the character and type of pain depend upon the location of the stone. Evaluation and diagnosis of urinary tract stones: Also Follow him day to day at: To Know More Log On To: www.nelivigimultispecialityhospital.com Treatment of kidney stones

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