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You’ve got your website honed, you’re listed on locator directories, prospects are building your email list by asking for your give-aways … but you still need more clients

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What are the next steps? Start to garden. Seriously.

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Do you want to... Get off the marketing merry-go-round? Get really good at attracting the perfect clients? Be profitable with limited time for marketing? Create automate-able campaigns? Position yourself as THE go-to specialist?

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Learn the same techniques used by the best of the best ~~ adapted for the No Hype needs of counselors, coaches and NDs

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Marketing 202 for the Healing Arts  The Intermediate Course in the series of Everything You’ve Needed to Know and Wished You Learned in Graduate School

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Looking for high value and easy to implement content with on-the-spot help, daily support, and months of personalized No Hype follow up?

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Weekly Q&A Call: Live answers to your pre-posted questions After-event recordings Custom tailored, problem-solving techniques Mentoring feedback on your specific next step strategies How Is The Program Delivered? Weekly Lesson: Downloadable audio and written formats New techniques and formulas Skill development exercises Implementation assignments

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Student Forum: Private student message board Talk to colleagues in the program Brainstorm easiest, least overwhelming, quickest ways to implement ideas for your healing arts businesses How Is The Program Delivered? (continued) Personal Progress Tracker with Mentor Feedback: Two ways to note progress with online webtool Indicate weekly challenges, achievements Request what you most need individual help with Specific support for moving forward Post week and get personal feedback

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What is covered by the Marketing 202 Curriculum?

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Lesson #1 Entrepreneurial Spirit for the Non-Business Minded identify innate marketing strengths become a client attraction magnet prioritize your growing edges

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Lesson #2 Signature Themes and Multiple Ways to Present Them What are you passionate about What do you want to become known for What problem area are you a specialist in? Find your theme Brainstorm 3 ways to develop it

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Lesson#3: Selecting Priority Marketing Projects to Attract Your Niche Develop one or more marketing projects around your theme Writing projects Referral building projects Public speaking or teaching projects Networking projects Tool development / selling projects

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Lesson #4: Writing Projects Tip Sheets Quizzes Articles Special Reports E-Books E-Course Self-Published Soft Cover Books

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Lesson #5: Speaking & Teaching Projects Tele-classes & themed series Live workshops & multi-part courses Featured guest speaker

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Lesson #6: Referral Building & Networking Projects the WIIFT approach introductions and follow ups being remembered and favored cultivating specialist status

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Lesson #7: Tool Development & Selling Projects taking stock of your proprietary assets determine sale potential bundle existing items price and promote delivery methods

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Lesson #8 Designing Irresistibility into Your Magnet Project Maximize professional delivery at low cost How and when to insert invitations to additional services Using the irresistible offer Cultivating participant / recipient desire for more from you

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Lesson #9 Structuring Marketing Campaigns for Your High Priority Project determine your best promotional activities systematize promotion of every day services construct a staged marketing action plan

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Plus, Two Special Bonus Topics Bonus #1: Protecting Your Intellectual Property Bonus #2: Passive & Residual Income Potentials for Your Signature Theme

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Pre-Requisites: Completion of Marketing 101 program Or invitation Moderate skill with the computer Why Pre-Requisites? To get the full measure of high value To keep up with the practical application

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My Money Back Guarantee   Reserve your spot in the program now, and you don’t risk a single dime. You have 21 days to decide whether or not the Marketing 101 skills and techniques I’ll lay out are right for helping you authentically promote your business. This may be the ONLY time this year I’ll offer this program LIVE and personally guide you through the development of each skill Not completely satisfied about the extensive learning…. Don’t learn new concepts and skills… Can’t implement new skills and techniques… Aren’t getting enough personal attention… …let me know and I’ll refund every penny of your investment, no questions asked.

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Sound like the next steps training program you’ve been waiting for? In fact, it is! If this unique training opportunity is right for you, don’t let your spot get grabbed by someone else I’m probably going to cap enrollment at 10 to ensure I have enough time to provide individual instruction to all Register now for your early bird discount!

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Start Date: Saturday July 17 Time: 11 am Pacific time Cost: $347 early bird discount $497 after June 25th Here’s how to enroll: Just email and let me know you want in! Or use the payment button if one appears below

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