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Ergonomics & the Environment: 

Ergonomics & the Environment FREC135-011-04S

Logistical Course Stuff: 

Logistical Course Stuff Hand back Assignment 1b Assign Project 5 Midterm reminder


Ergonomics “The study of human factors related to things people use, including computers”

Physical Health Problems: 

Physical Health Problems Eyestrain, headaches Reduce glare on monitor Take breaks LCD or high-refresh rate CRT

Physical Health Problems: 

Physical Health Problems Back and Neck Pains Adjustable furniture Posture, position

Physical Health Problems: 

Physical Health Problems Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) Take breaks Good posture Ergonomic mice/keyboards

Mental Health: 

Mental Health Noise & Irritation Technostress Electronic monitoring Info Overload

Effects on Industry: 

Effects on Industry Lost productivity Worker’s compensation / lawsuits

The Environment: 

The Environment Greatest use of electricity in US 1.8 tons of raw materials used PER SYSTEM Highly toxic materials Manufacture Disposal

The Green PC: 

The Green PC Industry initiative Power saving (sleep, speed-step) LCDs instead of CRTs Reduce CFCs, metals, etc. in manufacture Response to EPA’s “Energy Star”

The Environment: 

The Environment What you can do: Turn off system when not using Recycle consumables & computers Educate yourself

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