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PARTNERS FOR LIFE “fostering faith, hope, and love around the world” Partners for Life (PFL) is an international ministry established in 2000 as a faith-based leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The spirit of the vision was witnessed during Metropolitan Interdenominational Church’s outreach with the Agape Child Care Center in Durban, South Africa. This experience made real the challenges children face because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and afforded the beginning of a meaningful and long-term relationship. PFL is the 11th ministry of Metropolitan Interdenominational Church through the First Response Center. In 1993, the First Response Center was organized to house the outreach ministries of the church. The ministries were designed to provide critical services to persons who are either underserved or for whom no services exist. Most recently, the First Response Center began providing capacity building assistance to faith and community based organizations Contact Us About PFL Current Projects Links Photo Journal AIDS Facts Home Voyages

About Partners For Life: 

About Partners For Life Our Mission The mission of Partners for Life is to be a faith-based leader in establishing partnerships for faith and community-based organizations with South African orphanages in order to support those infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS.   Our Strategy We accomplish our mission by: Recruiting faith and community based organizations in the United States, as well as identifying and recruiting South African orphanages. Educating United States organizations about the needs and culture of South African orphanages, and South African orphanages about partnership development and culture. Establishing partnerships to begin meeting the comprehensive needs of South African orphans. Reviewing progress of partnership development annually.   WHAT MAKES PFL UNIQUE? Our work is grounded in faith.   Each partnership is “tailor-made” to achieve specific needs and goals.  PFL has created a system of accountability. We seek to train and educate United States and South African organizations about the global HIV/AIDS crisis. We promote United States partners visiting their South African partner to lend personal skills, talents, and time to further develop partnerships. About PFL Current Projects AIDS Facts Photo Journal Contact Us Links Home Voyages

Current Projects: 

Current Projects Click on a project to see what “labors of love” are helping to foster faith, love and hope around the world. Boston & Ntuzuma Nashville & Waterfall Nashville & Ixopo Chicago & Nyoni Atlanta & Umzinyathi Nashville & Durban Chicago & Mapamulo Nashville & KwaMashu Nashville & Esikhwini About PFL Current Projects AIDS Facts Photo Journal Contact Us Links Home Voyages


AIDS FACTS Adults and children estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS as of end 2002 42 MILLION – World Health Organization About PFL Current Projects AIDS Facts Photo Journal Contact Us Links Home South Africa has an estimated 4.8 million HIV infected people and over 420,000 AIDS orphans. South Africa has the largest number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world, as well as one of the world’s fastest-growing epidemics. (UNAIDS-2002) Infection rates in young African women are far higher than in young men. (UNAIDS-2002) 1 in 4 South African women between ages 20 and 29 are infected with the virus. (UNAIDS-2002) In Africa, women’s peak infection rates occur at earlier ages than men’s. This helps explain why there are an estimated 12 women living with HIV for every 10 men in the Southern region. (UNAIDS-2002) Since the epidemic began, AIDS has created some 12.1 million orphans in Africa, out of a global total of 13.2 million AIDS orphans. Before AIDS, about 2% of all children in developing countries were orphans. By 1997, the proportion of children with one or both parents dead had skyrocketed to 7% in many African countries. (UNAIDS-2002) The primary mode of HIV/AIDS transmission in South Africa is through heterosexual contact. (World Health Organization - 2002) Voyages

Photo Journal: 

Photo Journal About PFL Current Projects AIDS Facts Photo Journal Contact Us Links Home Click on photos for information Voyages

Annual Voyages: 

Annual Voyages FEBRUARY “Ambassador’s Retreat” Durban, South Africa Ministers and lay persons witness in rural townships, experience South African culture, have personal contact with persons infected/affected by HIV/AIDS, and spend time reflecting, meditating, and dialoguing about effective ways to help fight this pandemic. JUNE “Outreach Voyage” Durban, South Africa Anyone who desires to share in the manual labor of love helping to improve the conditions of life for orphans and share in the rich South African culture is welcomed. There is always another country selected to tour before returning to the States. About PFL Current Projects AIDS Facts Photo Journal Contact Us Voyages Links Home


LINKS PFL provides web links to health information sites and/or sites that are directly related to the support of PFL and the global fight against HIV/AIDS. World Health Organization Center for Disease Control More Than Warmth About PFL Current Projects AIDS Facts Photo Journal Contact Us Links Home Voyages

Contact Us: 

Contact Us STAFF Melva Black, Program Coordinator Rev. Edwin C. Sanders, II, Senior Servant - Metropolitan Interdenominational Church Dr. Sharon L. Crawford, Executive Director – First Response Center MAILING ADDRESS Partners For Life Metropolitan Interdenominational Church 2128 Eleventh Avenue, North Nashville, Tennessee 37208 USA PHONE/FAX/EMAIL/WEB Phone:615.277.1772 direct Phone:615.321.9791 office Cell: 073.344.9427 South Africa Fax: 615.321.9793 Email: Web:   About PFL Current Projects AIDS Facts Photo Journal Contact Us Links Home Voyages

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