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Book Trailer - The Age of Silence is the first novel in the Length of Days trilogy. It is inspirational, suspenseful, and gives a glimpse of what our world "could" be in 2112. It is Gift Giving Time but what evil hides beneath Howard Mountain? Run with Christiana Applewait through the streets of a futuristic city as she tries to overturn the Length of Days law in time to save her beloved grandparents. Author Doris Gaines Rapp


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The age of silence A Novel DORIS GAINES RAPP Length of Days “I’m being followed . . . so I’m hiding in the secret room of the old library . ” The year . . . 2112 - during The Age of Silence eBOOK : ISBN 978-0-9637200-4-7

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“What did Silas want from me? In 2112, ordinary people didn’t talk to Legacy Citizens .”

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It’s Gift Giving Season , with no Christ Child, no carols . . . and the word Christmas is banned. My grandparents will soon enter the never-ending-sleep, terminating their Length of Days.

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No one saw the gathering darkness. If I had known that evil lurked in the shadows . . . I would have sought the light.

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When did life cease to have value? My books would have told me, if I had paid attention.

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When life is hard, we turn our eyes away. If I’d know n what Silas wanted, I would been terrified, unable to stop the terrible fate that awaits us all.

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There was horror at the mountain. Depravity controlled the darkness and forced the silence. But, then I heard the angels’ song.

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The age of silence A Novel DORIS GAINES RAPP Length of Days eBook: ISBN 978-0-9637200-4-7 I have until the end of December to find a way to overturn the Length of Days law . Will the solution come in time? Lady Christiana Applewait Capitol City Central Zone U.S.A .

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Slides 1 (6 & 8) and Slide 4: Photos by Robert A. Clayton Slide 2: Lily Brewer Slide 6 : Abby Brewer Book Trailer produced by Doris Gaines Rapp Copyright 2011 Doris Gaines Rapp LENGTH OF DAYS – THE AGE OF SILENCE eBook now available on-line where eBooks are sold. No eReader ? No need. Amazon and bn.com have apps to make your computer or android an eReader . Hardback book go2 www.lengthofdays.net

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