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About the Olympic Games: 2.Where did the Olympic Games begin? in Greece 3.Where were last Olympics held? Athens 1.How often are the Olympic Games held? Every four years


5.Do you know the host city(主办城市) of 2000 Olympic Games? Athens(2004) Sydney(2000) 6.What about the 2004 Olympic Games and 2008 Olympic Games? Beijing (2008)


Which of the following is the Beijing Olympic Emblem(会徽) ?


How many gold medals did China win in the 2000 Olympic Games? A:16 B:28 C:36 What about the 2004 Olympic Games? A:27 B:32 C:35


Europe Asia Africa Oceania America America Africa Europe Asia Oceania


Listen to the tape and finish Part A on page 22 and think about how many parts of the passage

3.The history and significance of the Olympic Games. : 

3.The history and significance of the Olympic Games. 1.At Olympia in Greece. 2.Pierre de Coubertin


What are the differences/ similarities between the ancient and the modern Olympic Games?


only Greek men were allowed to compete without clothes always held at the same places; athletes from all over the world can take part, no matter what language they speak or what sex they are. Both were/ are held every 4 years Some of the sports played are still played now


The most famous boxer Muhammud Ali in 1960 came to public attention, won the gold medal for USA in 1964 won first World Heavyweight boxing Championship,


Superstar in NBA, Michael Jordan was the highest scorer at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, won second medal


the Greatest distance runner,     Haile Gebrselassie in 1992 became famous in 1995 broke the world record,   At the 1996 and 2000 Olympics won gold medals


At the 1992 and 1996 Olympics, In 2000, won first gold medal for China Liu Xiang, won in the men’s 110-meter hurdles


What can we do for the Beijing Olympics?


1.Work hard on English so that we can communicate with the foreigners; 2.Protect our environment (do not throw away the rubbish anywhere) 3.Work as the volunteers(志愿者): Introduce something about the 2008 Olympics/Chinese culture&tradition/ help the disabled .

useful words and phrases: 

useful words and phrases 高兴做某事 和…分享… 奥运会的历史和重要性 每四年 竞争 为了纪念 肩并肩,一起 实现梦想 点燃奥运会圣火 开幕式 打破世界记录 be delighted to do sth. share ...with... the history and significance of Olympic Games every four years in honour of side by side realize the dream light the Olympic Games the opening ceremony break the world record compete

Compete : 

Compete .compete against/with sb 与…竞赛,比赛 John will compete against /with Tom in the boys’ 100meter race. compete for为..竞争 The two teams compete for the first prize .


in honour of 纪念…向…表示敬意 eg:1.we are going to have a party in honour of his promotion. 2.人们建立了一座雕像来纪念在战争中 牺牲的英雄们. People built a statue in honour of the heroes died in the war.

Thank you for your attention!: 

Thank you for your attention!

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