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Diverse Ukraine: 

Diverse Ukraine Eastern Slav’s cradle Ancient Holy Places Beautiful architecture Curative resources Unique flora and fauna Photo by S. Tarasov

Nature for Recreation: 

Nature for Recreation Calm forests and riversides Vast steppes Sea beaches Hills and mountains Nature reserves

Unique Natural Reserves: 

Unique Natural Reserves prehistoric volcanoes endemic species 11 national nature parks 16 nature reserves

Rare species: 

Rare species 19 million hectares of natural vegetation 30 000 plant species 45 000 animal species 4 biosphere preservation areas

Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve: 

Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve 5,000 animals and birds 110 species in total Przevalski’s horse Bison Zebra Antelope Water buffalo Scottish pony Przevalski’s horses

Mineral Waters: 

Mineral Waters 400 springs in Transcarpathia alone curative mineral waters mentioned since the 13th century Balneological resorts Truskavets Morshyn Skhidnytsia Medobory

Beaches of Crimea: 

Beaches of Crimea Famous resorts Yalta Alushta Gurzuf Foros Yevpatoria Two seas Black Sea the Sea of Azov

Mountainous Subtropical Oasis: 

Mountainous Subtropical Oasis Unique meeting place of the Azov and Black seas 3 ridges of mountains boundless steppes massy forests Sunny days as in the Mediterranean

Shadowy Cave Underworld: 

Shadowy Cave Underworld Marmurova (marble) cave One of the 5 most famous European caves equipped with tourist’s routes Other beautiful caves Red caves Emine-Bair-Hosar Cave towns and monasteries Eski-Kermen Mangup Chufut-Kale Kyz-Kermen

Northern Jungles: 

Northern Jungles Nikitsky Botanic Garden Founded 1812, one of the oldest botanical gardens of the world National scientific centre Over 50 000 species, forms, variations and hybrids of plants from all over the world


Palaces Livadiysky built 1911 by Ukrainian architect Krasnov style of the Italian Revival residence of Nikolay II Vorontsovsky (1828-1848) Masandrivsky (1892-1902) Lastivchyne Hnizdo (the Swallow’s nest, 1911-1912) Dulbert (1895-1897) Vorontsovsky Palace


Wines Hellene-old wine-making traditions Pride of the collection is “Jerez de la Frontera” 1775 vintage (worth US$ 50 000 at Sotheby’s in 2001) Grape varieties of over 2000 years old

Skiing in the Carpathians: 

Skiing in the Carpathians Dragobrat skiing resort Snow from November till May 1300 meters above sea level Other resorts Rakhiv Mukachevo Svalyava Yaremcha

Crystal-Clear Mountain Lakes: 

Crystal-Clear Mountain Lakes River rafting (April – May) Prut Bilyi Cheremosh Chornyi Cheremosh River rafting (May – September) Dniester canyon Photo by S. Tarasov

Carpathian Rest: 

Carpathian Rest Hunting Wild boars Roe deers Wolfs Paragliding and sports aviation Bike riding Riding Hutsul breed of horses

Cultural Heritage of the Carpathians: 

Cultural Heritage of the Carpathians Hear the longest wind instrument in the world – Ukrainian trembita, heard from over 10 km away See traditional dress in use, preserved by the people for hundreds of years Taste Hutsul dishes Enjoy live history around you

Medieval Fortresses and Castles: 

Medieval Fortresses and Castles Kamianets-Podilsky fortress is among Europe’s matchless strongholds of the Middle Ages No less fascinating are Olesko and Zolochiv castles Khotyn fortress Akkerman fortress Mukacheve castle Genoese fortress at Sudak Kamianets-Podilsky fortress Photo by S. Tarasov

Spiritual and Religious Sites: 

Spiritual and Religious Sites Ancient Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (cave monastery), founded 1051 Saint Sophia Cathedral, early 11th century Saint Michael Golden Domed Cathedral, 12th century Saint Andrew Church, 17th century Saint Volodymyr cathedral, 1882 Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

Lviv: City-Museum: 

Lviv: City-Museum 2000 historic, cultural monuments Founded 1256 by Danylo Halytskyi Centuries-based cultures mix Gothic Baroque Renaissance Roman style Rococo Empire modern Eclectics

Art in Words, Sounds and Stone: 

Art in Words, Sounds and Stone Odesa Opera and Ballet Theatre Established 1809 Belongs to top 5 most beautiful European theatres Toured all over Europe Younger but well-recognized National Taras Shevchenko Opera House of Ukraine, Kyiv Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Greek Colonies: 

Greek Colonies Prehistoric city of Gelon described by Herodotus is presumably the nowadays Bilske settlement Other Greek city-states of the Black sea coast Chersoneses Olvia Panticapeum Tyras (Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky), contemporary to Rome, Athens and Jerusalem Photo by S. Tarasov

Museums: Preserving the Heritage: 

Museums: Preserving the Heritage In Kyiv alone visit Pyrohovo National Folk Architecture Museum (open-air, popular site for folk festivals) National History Museum of Ukraine (Old Rus remains, primeval cultures) Kyiv History Museum – all the history since foundation till the year 1917 National Historic Jewelry Museum of Ukraine Photo by S. Tarasov

Active Rest: 

Active Rest Ecological tourism routes Weekend and multiple-days hiking tours Various route complexity categories Group excursions encompassing multiple places of interest Both in the Carpathians and Crimea

Getting to Ukraine: 

Getting to Ukraine Easily reach Ukraine from major European airports and railways in Vienna, Frankfurt am Main, other cities Traveling to Ukraine by car from European country is easy, just follow the East-South direction

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