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YEA 2006 – June 9, 2006: 

YEA 2006 – June 9, 2006 Brandon Alberts – Langford Mike Klitz – Belle Fourceh Gage Brausen – Roscoe Jacob Korzeniewski – Box Elder Luke Brown – Faith Tara Martian – Harding County JC Buitrago – Rapid City Tanner Melum – Belle Fourche Chester Carson – Oelerichs Blain Mikkonen - Frederick Sarah Davis – Harding County Blake Peterson – Sioux Falls Travis Davis – Harding County Kevin Poncelet – Gering, NE Drew Doshier – Rapid City Luke Schaefer - Pierre Jake Fischer – Belle Fourche Korey Thompson – Crawford, NE Ben Grassel – Madison Devan Vogel - Lead Martie Hastings – Faith Tal Wammen – Harding County Alex Jacobs – Austin, MN

Student Presentation Facilitator – Luke Brown: 

Student Presentation Facilitator – Luke Brown

Chester Carson: 

Chester Carson

Dice Soldering Project: 

Dice Soldering Project Day One

The Finished Product: 

The Finished Product On the first day of our week we soldered, piece by piece, together dice projects. The way they work is by pushing buttons to make the dice randomly roll. Then you push another button to stop the dice on a combination. This was a great way to start the week and it was very interesting.

Sarah Davis: 

Sarah Davis

Slide 8: 

Webpages..... Monday, June 5 Ms. VJ Hedrick

Alex Jacobs: 

Alex Jacobs

Material Failure Analysis Hydraulic Flume: 

Material Failure AnalysisHydraulic Flume June 5, 2006

Material Failure Analysis: 

Material Failure Analysis Monday we went with Forest Cooper to test the breaking strength of various materials such as this iron bar. We made predictions as too how much force it would take to break it.

Slide 14: 

The bar broke after 38 thousand pounds of force were applied to it. Korey got first place – winning $2, Luke got second – winning $1, and Kevin got third and won 23 cents

Slide 15: 

We also squished a quarter and cracked a concrete cylinder.

Hydraulic Flume: 

Hydraulic Flume Later, we went back and saw a hydraulic flume used to test water flow. It was cool to see the water spilling and swirling around.

Tal Wammen: 

Tal Wammen

Satellite Imagery of Fires Monday June 5, 2006: 

Satellite Imagery of Fires Monday June 5, 2006 Guided by Gail Schmidt Images of wildfires provided by satellite Colored accordingly by the heat given off

Slide 19: 

Gail Schmidt

Slide 21: 

Burn area of the Jasper Fire

Luke Schaefer: 

Luke Schaefer

YEA 2006: 

YEA 2006 RPM tour

What RPM does: 

What RPM does Repairs coal dust cleaners in factory stacks Coats materials with metal to make them stronger Uses laser deposition to create strong parts out of different metals



Pictures (cont.): 

Pictures (cont.)

Travis Davis: 

Travis Davis

Slide 29: 

Monday, June 5 2006 Itinerary: Design Websites Material Analysis (smash cement) Forest Fires Satellite Imagery Hydraulic Flume Visit RPM and Associates Tour Student Vehicles

Slide 30: 

Sudent Vehicles We went to the Mechanical Engineering Building and went on a tour of the shop that the SDSM&T students use to build their competition vehicles. Vehicles from this year and previous years were in this building and consisted of: Mini Baja Mini Indy Car Human Powered Vehicles RC Helicopters RC Airplanes

Slide 31: 

Tour Pictures Tour Advisor: Wayne Baker

Slide 32: 

More Pictures

Martie Haines: 

Martie Haines

SymCom Tour: 

SymCom Tour By Martie Haines

Slide 35: 

I think the SymCom tour was cool. When I first saw the tour I thought it wouldn’t be very much fun.

Slide 36: 

It was really cool to see the circuit boards. The other really cool thing that we saw was the wire twisting machine.

Slide 37: 

All in all I think we had a really good time at SymCom and Inc. The last thing I would like to do is thank Dr. Larry Simonson for setting up an absolutely great camp, which I would love to come back to next year. I would also like to thank Mr. Scott Reisenauer for putting on an awesome tour.

Tanner Melum: 

Tanner Melum

PrairieWave Communications: 

PrairieWave Communications YEA Tour

Slide 40: 

At First Glance On Tuesday June 6, 2006 we went to PrairieWave Communications for a tour of the facilities and to learn about their business.

The Board Room: 

The Board Room When we first place we went as we entered the building was the board room. This room had a very big projector connected to their cable service. The chairs in that room made some people decide they wanted to work their just for that.


Information We were told that an average of 3,000 hackers a day tried to hack into PrairieWave. And approximately 12,000 viruses are obtained by PrairieWave in one day.

Fiber Optic Cables: 

Fiber Optic Cables The fiber optic cables are made out of stretched glass that reflects light through it and is shaped like a tube. The size of this cable is about the width of a half of piece of hair.

The Outbound: 

The Outbound Toward the end of the tour the showed us where the cable and telephone information was recorded and sent through wires. There were many computers and memory units to store all of the information. The air conditioning had to keep going back there to keep things from over heating and things shutting down.

At the End: 

At the End At the end of the tour we came back to the board room and decided not to eat their so we went to Dinosaur Park for lunch.

Tara Martian: 

Tara Martian

Slide 47: 

Dinner At Dinosaur Park

Slide 48: 

Tuesday June 6, 2006 We traveled to Dinosaur Park to eat dinner.

Slide 49: 

While there we had a chance to climb around on the Dinosaurs.

Gage Brausen: 

Gage Brausen

Slide 51: 

By: Gage Brausen

Slide 52: 

Looking at the YMCA blueprints. (That were not blue)

Slide 53: 

At the Zero-Depth Pool

Slide 54: 

Luke in deep thought… hmmm…

Slide 55: 

Zero-Depth pool with huge Lillypads

Slide 56: 

At the 12-Lane Pool

Slide 57: 

In the boiler-room (Very Hot!!!)

Slide 58: 

In the Water-Filtering Room


THANKS ALOT GUYS & GALS!!! Larry the Care Bear Dr. Ruch Mr. Wayne Baker Ms. Marilyn Montgomery Mr. Charles Palmer Dr. Whitehead Ms. Stephanie Lindsley Ms. VJ Hedrick Mr. Alec Schmidt Ms. Katie Harvey Mr. Rob Larson Mr. Tom Durkin Dr. Robb Winter Mr. Gary Hansen Dr. Carter Kerk Rob Mudge Debbie Mudge Mr. Scott Rausch Mr. Aaron Costello Mr. Nick Kingsbury Mr. Scott Reisenauer Mr. Ron Nagle Dr. Bill Arbegast Ms. Gail Schmidt Dr. Duane Abata Mr. Jeff Schild Mr. Eric Kurth Mr. Forest Cooper And Everyone Else Involved!!!

Have a Good Summer: 

Have a Good Summer JC Martie the One Man Party The Belle Fourche Boys Spins Lefty Righty Travis Towel Boots/Hobbles Popcorn Tanner Korey Luke Chester Kevin Brandon Sara Blake Blain Alex

Jacob Korzeniewski: 

Jacob Korzeniewski

At The National Weather Service: 

At The National Weather Service

Weather Balloon : 

Weather Balloon In this photo we were airing up the weather balloon so we could get the weather condition.

Here it goes: 

Here it goes We are letting the weather balloon go

Devan Vogel: 

Devan Vogel

About Me!: 

About Me! My name is Devan Vogel, I am from Lead I am going to be a freshman in high school I like math, science, art, and any sports I want to major in mechanical engineering I would like to get an ROTC scholarship

I Learned…: 

I Learned… How to solder a circuit board How circuit boards were made How molds were made How to create my own website That there are a lot of ways to weld metals TV channels, phone, & internet are sent out & how carbon fiber is made

I Also Learned…: 

I Also Learned… that metal gets malleable when heated with friction How weather balloons are tracked and read How robots see and how they are programmed & how laser deposition works


Robotics I liked how the robots are set up and that they were completely programmed, built, and designed by students. I also liked that the robots were completely antonymous. The way they traveled and the way they sensed things and colors in front of them was interesting. I also was interested in the robots themselves, they were downright amazing.

Blake Peterson: 

Blake Peterson

Friction Stir Welding: 

Friction Stir Welding By Blake Peterson

The Process: 

The Process Friction Stir Welding binds two pieces of any kind of metal simply by spinning a dye on the surface between the two metals and melting them together leaving no imperfection inside of the “weld”


Uses Friction Stir Welding is going to have a lot of uses in the future It can be used for welding the seams on armored cars instead of conventional welding which is nowhere close to being as strong as Friction Stir Welding In the near future we will not have to mill out as many things because of the capabilities friction stir attached parts.

Drew Doshier: 

Drew Doshier

Slide 78: 

Laser deposition is a process used to heat a metal in powdered form and place it in a specific place in order to build up 3-D models one layer at a time A model is made by taking a 3D picture of the object built in a CAD program, or one similar to it, and breaking this model down into slices that can be deposited by the deposition machine What is Laser Deposition?

Slide 80: 

Laser Deposition Leader Aaron Costello

Korey Thompson: 

Korey Thompson

Injection Molding Korey Thompson


Moldings The shells are made of metal and shaped to give you a certain object. These shells are usually made with a CNC machine. The plates compress to give the molding it’s proper shape.

Here is the molding press.: 

Here is the molding press.


Polymer The material used to make the molding is called a polymer. It starts out as small pellets. Polymer can be broken up and used more than once, but not infinitely.

These are the polymer pellets.: 

These are the polymer pellets.

Shaping Process: 

Shaping Process First, the hopper is filled with polymer pellets. Then, the pellets are heated and melted into a gel-like substance. The polymer is then injected into the molding plates. There, it cools/hardens into the desired shape.

This is the hopper where polymer pellets are loaded.: 

This is the hopper where polymer pellets are loaded.

Slide 89: 

You can make almost any plastic object that you want to using the injection molding process!

These are finished YEA moldings.: 

These are finished YEA moldings.

These are various, random, yet not quite useless photos of the injection molding shop.: 

These are various, random, yet not quite useless photos of the injection molding shop.

Slide 92: 


Kevin Poncelet: 

Kevin Poncelet

Slide 94: 

Sylvan Lake ▪ Swimming ▪ Rock Climbing ▪ Cookout

Slide 96: 

Harney Peak

Brandon Alberts: 

Brandon Alberts

Mount Rushmore Visit: 

Mount Rushmore Visit by Brandon Alberts

Mount Rushmore Amphitheater: 

Mount Rushmore Amphitheater

Lighting Ceremony: 

Lighting Ceremony

Flag Lowering: 

Flag Lowering

Presidential Trail: 

Presidential Trail

Seeing Double: 

Seeing Double Take a close look, these faces will be seen on their own mountain some day

JC Buitrago: 

JC Buitrago

Mars Mania!!!: 

Mars Mania!!! By: JC Buitrago

Surface of Mars: 

Surface of Mars We learned in the presentation that the planet Mars (named after the Roman god of war) is inhabitable because of a number or reasons, mainly because there is no water.

Whats it like Mars?: 

Whats it like Mars? Mars’ atmosphere is made 95% of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Basalt has been found on mars which leads goeologists to believe that there was once water on mars as it was necessary for water to be present for some of the rocks and minerals to be there.

What are some conditions on Mars?: 

What are some conditions on Mars? On the equator, the temperature can reach anywhere from -200F on the polar caps to 80F on the equator depending on time of day. The winds can also reach a speed of 80 m.p.h. but since the atmosphere isn’t dense it doesn’t feel like an 80 m.p.h. gust on earth


Thank-yous Larry the Care-Bear for taking such good care of us this week. All the students and Professors who made this camp educational and fun at the same time NASA SDSM&T Anyone else I might’ve missed…thanks a lot

Blain Mikkonen: 

Blain Mikkonen

Slide 114: 


Ben Grassel: 

Ben Grassel




Sunday On Sunday, our first meal, Larry provided us with fried chicken, pop, chips, and different salads. We also had root beer floats for dessert.


Monday We had our first breakfast Monday morning, it consisted of a variety of cereals, fruits, and drinks. For lunch we sampled the cafeteria food here at SDSMT. We enjoyed supper at RPM and Associates, we had several 6 foot long subs and pop. When we got back to campus we had root beer floats.


Tuesday Tuesday morning’s breakfast was the same as Monday’s. At noon we enjoyed more subs and pop at the Dinosaur Park. Then that night we were treated to Little Caesar's Pizza, we ran out very quickly. Once again for dessert, root beer floats, and because we ran out of pizza Larry ordered some more for us later that night.


Wednesday Wednesday we spent the day in the Black Hills. We went to Pactola lake and had Caesar's Pizza again for lunch. Then, we went to Sylvan Lake at the base of Harney Peak. After an afternoon spent hiking and swimming, Scott grilled up some burgers and hotdogs for us. Then later that evening we had pizza again along with another round of root beer floats!


Thursday Thursday, our last whole day together. Breakfast was the same as usual and lunch we had the cafeteria food again. For supper we had a banquet to celebrate the week, we had pasta and sauce with chicken breast. One of the students even received a helping of meatloaf as a gift from Larry. I even received a birthday cake from Larry for my 18th birthday. Thursday night was also our last night of root beer floats.

Thank You: 

Thank You I would like to thank Larry and Scott for their hard work and for putting up with a bunch of rowdy teenagers for a week. Larry, thank you for all the ice-cream and pizza we could eat. Scott, thank you for being such a great driver and outdoor cook! We’ll all miss you, thanks again.

Luke Brown: 

Luke Brown

Dormitory Life: 

Dormitory Life By: Luke Brown

The Dorms: 

The Dorms The dorms are in Peterson Hall which is connected to the Surbeck Center. The Dorms are all air-conditioned and very nice to stay in. Each dorm has about 4 beds in it. Nobody was found uncomfortable in the Dorms. The Dorms were ten times more fun when you had people like Larry Simonson there. Larry was a very fun guy to be with. He was always trying to make us as happy as possible. He always brought us root beer floats and pizza when we wanted it. Surbeck Center had an accessible recreation room with pool tables and other games. A weight room was accessible to anybody who wanted to use it in the evenings. There was not one thing that made anybody uncomfortable. The Dorms The Dorms The Dorms were ten times more fun when you had people like Larry Simonson there. Larry was a very fun guy to be with. He was always trying to make us as happy as possible. He always brought us root beer floats and pizza when we wanted it. Surbeck Center had an accessible recreation room with pool tables and other games. A weight room was accessible to anybody who wanted to use it in the evenings. There was not one thing that made anybody uncomfortable.

The People: 

The People

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