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Traditional Foods for Halloween: Top 5

Best 5 Food for Halloween:

Best 5 Food for Halloween Food is a major part of Halloween. Right from cakes to pancakes and from pumpkins to chocolates can be purchased and made. Tanghulu Cider Soul Cakes Boxty (Potato Pancakes) Colcannon

1) Tanghulu:

1) Tanghulu In this recipe, there many fruits that are threaded on a stick and then coated with sugar syrup. Other than apples, you can use cherry tomatoes, strawberries, kiwis, bananas, etc. You can also use blowtorch to melt sugar.

2) Cider:

2) Cider It is an alcoholic beverage. It is made up from apple. In this beverage the alcoholic content varies from 1.2% to 8.5%.

3) Soul Cakes:

3) Soul Cakes Soul cake is one of the most dishes on Halloween. Flower, sweet butter, sugar, spice, cloves and mace are required to make this cake.

4) Boxty (Potato Pancakes):

4) Boxty (Potato Pancakes) You can use grated potato, egg, milk and baking powder to make this pancake. You can use it as a warp. Garlic and spices can also be added to get a great flavor.

5) Colcannon:

5) Colcannon It is a delicious dish made up with cabbage and mashed potato. You can make it rich by adding milk, cream, butter and little olive oil. You can eat it mashed or even bake it. If you don’t have the time to make food by yourself, then you can buy candies from online shops like Dylan’s Candy Bar. You can also use Halloween Dylan’s Candy Bar promo code to enjoy big discounts. Browse through Don’tPayAll to find a variety of offers.

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