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Louisiana Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

LSU is Serious About Diversity: 

LSU is Serious About Diversity LSU is listed as “Most Diverse” in a Newsweek article entitled “The Hot Schools of 2004.” LSU’s Chemistry department and English department currently produce the largest number of African-American PhDs in the country. In the National Flagship Agenda 2003-2010, LSU commits to increasing diversity among undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty.


Mission To promote diversity in the STEM disciplines by increasing the number of under-represented students seeking terminal degrees (PhDs and MD/PhDs) in those disciplines.


Vision To provide a supportive, motivating environment for students which promotes academic success through a three-pronged approach: Mentoring Education Research ACADEMIC SUCCESS


Scholars grow through developing mentoring relationships with: Faculty Program Staff Graduate Students LA-STEM Research Fellows HHMI Professors Program Mentors High School Students Peers Mentors function in four primary roles: Teacher imparting knowledge or skill to the mentee by example or experience Counselor exchanging opinions and ideas with the mentee to reach a decision or deliberate plan of action Intervener influencing the mentee’s attitudes and behaviors Sponsor assuming responsibility for assisting the mentee in gaining greater academic success Mentoring


Mentoring Education Research ACADEMIC SUCCESS


What you need to be successful in college: Refined problem-solving skills Time management and organization Enhanced interdisciplinary learning Ability to make connections between coursework and real-world experiences Professional skills (how to apply to graduate school and summer programs, how to work collaboratively) Metacognitive abilities (learning how you learn best and monitoring your own learning) Writing skills (yes, even for STEM majors) As a LA-STEM Research Scholar, you will develop these skills through: An intensive summer bridge experience on the LSU campus Consistent interaction with the Center for Academic Success Admission to the LSU Honors College Academic Counseling by trained STEM graduate students Yearlong guidance and support Professional skills training Concentrated graduate school preparation Education


Mentoring Education Research ACADEMIC SUCCESS


Louisiana State University Is the only public Carnegie designated Research Extensive University in Louisiana Has more than 2,000 sponsored research projects underway at any given time Houses SuperMike, a Beowulf-class supercomputer Has more than 85 research centers, institutes, labs, and programs Research As a LA-STEM Research Scholar, you will Receive extensive preparation for research during Summer Bridge and the first semester of your first year Be working in a research lab by the end of your first year Have a research mentor to offer guidance and support Have the opportunity to participate in summer research programs at LSU and all over the country Complete a major research project and write a senior thesis Gain credentials that will distinguish your graduate school applications from those of other high-achieving students in competitive programs


Expectations As a LA-STEM Research Scholar, you will be expected to Complete the first-year summer bridge program Conduct research during the academic year Hold research positions each additional summer Enroll in the LA-STEM Mentoring, Education, and Research course each semester Actively prepare for graduate school Maintain the highest academic standards Participate in regular mentoring meetings Perform community service Function as an active member of the LA-STEM community

Summer Bridge: 

Summer Bridge By participating in the OSI Summer Bridge Program, you will Familiarize yourself with the LSU campus Take your first classes at LSU Participate in a service-learning project Visit Research Facilities Identify your learning style Attend Workshops Get to know the other program participants Receive mentoring from program staff and senior mentors

Is LA-STEM right for you?: 

Is LA-STEM right for you? Is LA-STEM right for you? Are you… A highly motivated, intellectually ambitious student who intends to pursue a PhD in a STEM area? Interested in being a part of a close-knit academic community while taking advantage of all of the resources offered by LSU’s size and reputation? Committed to promoting diversity in the STEM disciplines? A natural leader with well-developed communication skills? Excited about research and willing to devote your college summers to conducting research? Ready to change your academic life?


Monetary Benefits LA-STEM Research Scholars receive Full funding for OSI Summer Bridge program Paid room and board Money for books Available funding for travel to conferences A cash stipend ($3,000 per year) Total funding for the first year = approx. $12,000 Total funding with TOPS = approx. $16,000


What Makes LA-STEM Unique? The LA-STEM Research Scholars Program is much more than a scholarship. The program allows students to experience a “family” atmosphere while they access all the resources available to them at a large, research-oriented university. The LA-STEM Research Scholars Program is much more than a scholarship. The program allows students to experience a “family” atmosphere while they access all the resources available to them at a large, research-oriented university.


As a Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Warner has received many awards and honors for his innovative teaching and mentoring, including ACS Encouraging Disadvantaged Students into Careers in the Sciences (2003), AAAS Fellow (2002), AAAS Lifetime Mentor Award (2000), and the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring (1997). As the Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives, Dr. Warner is charged with using his expertise in the fields of mentoring, education, and research to create an institutional atmosphere in which all students can thrive. The LA-STEM Research Scholars Program is an integral part of that effort. Dr. Isiah Warner Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives Boyd Professor and Philip W. West Professor of Analytical & Environmental Chemistry Louisiana State University


The LA-STEM Research Scholars Program is funded by the National Science Foundation, Research Corporation, and Louisiana State University. Louisiana State University Office of Strategic Initiatives 240 Thomas Boyd Hall Baton Rouge, LA 70803 225/578-4726

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