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Symbolism :

Symbolism By: Madison

Tin soldier:

Tin soldier Leyla is thinking about leavin g home to support her family. Her father hand crafted a little tin solider. Leyla brings this tin soldier on her trip. After she leaves home she is scared and misses her family but knows she has to keep going to help her family. The tin soldier represents strength.

Black Tulip :

Black Tulip Leyla finds tulip s and wants to try to mix colors. A traveler tells her how people will pay a lot of money for a black tulip. But no one has ever created one. At the end of her journey she finds that she has created one. And is payed greatly. The black tulip represents artistry.

Paint Brushes:

Paint Brushes One of the few things that L eyla brings. Her father carved them and painted with them every day. He has gone missing in the war and this is the only thing left of her father. The paint brushes represent her father.

Allah :

Allah Allah is the god in my book. And Leyla always prays to him and thanks him for all the opportunity’s she gets through out the book. He takes her places she has never been before. Allah represents god.

Gold coin :

Gold coin A poet gave Ley la a gold coin when she was at the slave market. She never uses it for food or shelter or clothing. Leyla keeps the gold coin as good luck because when ever she has it good things happen.

Lena :

Lena Lena is a little g irl Leyla met o n a ship. When they are separated for a long time Leyla believes something wrong has happened to her. Maybe she died or something else like she went to prison. But Leyla soon discovers that Lena is a human doll. To the princess in the book she represents a mini her that is perfect in all things.


Princess The princess in the book rep resents all thing good. She is a nine year old girl who marries men 4x her age. She wants to change the way women are educated and treated.


King The king repres ents education . He brought all the education to his land. Teaching them how to read and write. He believes in equality and that every one should be treated fairly.

The End:

The End     

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