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Paintless Dent Repair Vs. Traditional Dent Removal

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• If you’re wondering what the difference between Paintless Dent Repair PDR and traditional dent removal services are you’re in luck. • We’re getting to explain what makes the processes similar also as what makes them different. • You’ll then be ready to decide which service is true for you and your vehicle. • After all we’re here to assist you restore your vehicle to love new condition.

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Paintless Dent Removal • Paintless dent removal may be a method by which a dent is repaired without sanding bonding and painting. • First the dent cant be too deep and must be accessible by the technician to perform the work. There could be braces or joints that obstruct access. • Secondly the paint must be intact before and after the repair which suggests the paint cant be disrupted as a results of performing the repair. • This makes paintless dent removal a limited option in some cases.

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• Now this is how paintless dent removal it is performed. • First the technician will need to maneuver behind the dent and use special tools to work out the dent slowly and carefully. • Using this process the dent should go back to its original form paint intact. Lastly the technician uses a straight-light to true the form of the panel.

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The 3 main reasons to use PDR to remove dents • Save time: PDR is quicker than traditional repair. Same-day repair is even possible counting on how severe the dent. Ask your body shop how long your repair will take. • Save money: Avoid the normal 3 step process of bonding sanding and repainting with PDR. And you won’t need to replace the whole panel Paintless Dent Removal saves on materials and saves you money. • Simplicity: PDR may be a deceptively simple process thats best left to the pros with the right equipment and training. If your vehicle remains under warranty its going to become void if you attempt the repair yourself.

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Traditional or Conventional Dent Removal • If paintless dent removal isnt an option then traditional repair is next thanks to go. • With traditional dent repair the technician pulls the dent to a particular degree making the damaged area workable. • Next the technician prepares the world to simply accept the bonding material. • With skill and artistry the technician fills the dent with material to match the panel’s original form. • Lastly the world is sanded and professionally painted back to its former glory.

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• This type of repair is employed when its more cost effective to perform a repair versus completely replacing the damaged panel. • Given the amount of steps involved drying of paint and therefore the artistry in perfecting the form conventional dent repair does take a while to finish .

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Summary: Paintless Vs. Traditional Dent Removal

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Paintless Dent Repair Apex • Dent Dominator is your paintless car dent repair source in Apex NC and surrounding areas. • When your car truck or vehicle has experienced hail damage been involved in a minor collision or suffered a door ding or dent as a result of another vehicle or stray shopping cart our paintless car dent repair services are the perfect solution.

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• Cars and trucks with custom paint or decal work are difficult to repair using traditional means without affecting the custom work. • Paintless car dent repair from Dent Dominator is the perfect solution for repairs while maintaining the custom look of your car. • Contact Dent Dominator in Apex NC by calling 919-714- 9196 or contact us online today.

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DENT DOMINATOR Address: 212 Powell Drive Raleigh NC 27606 United States Phone: +1 919-714-9196 Email: Reference:

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