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Favorite Gadgets & Utilities Jim Calloway Ross Kodner


Your Presenters: Ross L. Kodner, Esq. CEO/Senior Legal Technologist MicroLaw, Inc. Milwaukee, Wisconsin E-Mail: rkodner@microlaw.com Web: www.microlaw.com 414.540.9433 Marquette Univ. Law School, 1986 (Law Review) Founded MicroLaw in 1985 Legal Technologist Chair, Milwaukee Bar Association Technology Committee, Chair Midwest Law & Technology Conference 2002-2005 Technolawyer Consultant of the Year 1999, Contributor of the Year 2001, 2002 Over 800 law practices assisted Developer of the “Paper LESS Office™” process Obsessive author and speaker nationwide on legal technology subjects with over 1300 presentations Chair, ABA LPM Section Computer & Technology Division (1998-2002) and Member, TECHSHOW 1998-2001 Board; Co-Chair, LegalTech Planning Board (1999-Present), Co-Chair, LegalWorks Planning Board (2004-Present), Chair, Midwest Law & Technology Conference (1999-Present) Founder, Annual Legal Consultants & Technologists Dinner Co-Founder, Legal Technology Alliance


These materials are now available online at: www.microlaw.com Look for the OKBAR SSF 2005 links!


Get Fujitsu’s New “PDF Machine” - The ScanSnap Wow - Fujitsu’s new ScanSnap Model fi-5110EX02 is a sturdy 20 page per minute desktop scanner with a quiet and reliable document feeder But the BIG NEWS is that for around $400 the scanner includes a full copy of Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer (normally about $250 on its own!) This makes the ScanSnap a “PDF Machine”! (And just about the cheapest way to get Adobe Acrobat for your practice!) Caution – not TWAIN compatible though Info is at: www.scansnap.com


Third Generation Makes All the Difference: You Need a Smartphone! It’s a phone! It’s a Palm! New converged Smartphones offer Palm or Pocket PC versions In the Palm world, Kyocera, Handspring and Samsung offer the most “phone- centric” options while Blackberry and Palm offer the “PDA-centric” approach Hot products: PalmOne’s Treo 650 is “tops” in my book, Sprint also has the Samsung i500 Samsung = Sprint ($499) Treo 650 = Verizon, AT&T/Cingular and Sprint ($299 to $549) Beware Bluetooth security issues! (think: “Paris Hilton”) Handspring’s Treo 650 is a neat, smaller converged PalmPhone. Samsung’s i500 is really compact


“Get a Mac” - Practical Option for Lawyers? ▪We’ve all heard the exhortation anytime we face Windows trials and tribulations ▪Today, with 100% file compatibility and Virtual PC 7 from Microsoft to run Windows applications, Macs can make real economic and functional sense for lawyers, especially in smaller practices ▪The Mac Mini is a perfect example of a low-cost network station - from $499 ▪Powerbooks could be the ultimate Legal Road Warrior platform ▪So explore, subscribe to MacLaw and MacAttorney and consider “getting a Mac” ▪www.apple.com


The Legal iPod: Business First, Music Second? ▪Apple’s wildly popular iPod portable media player has legitimate legal and business applications! ▪An iPod can serve as an external hard drive, backing up files, providing document and image storage ▪Add data backup software like Backup MyPC, RetroSpect or Second Copy and you’ve got a laptop backup system ▪Store digital photos of clients, accident scenes, real estate property using the iPod Photo ▪So think Work First, Music Second! ▪$199-$449 ▪www.apple.com


The Ultimate iPod Accessory! Your House! ▪First shown at Macworld 2005 in January, the ultimate accessory for your new iPod is . . . your house! ▪The iPort system from Sonance actually lets you build a docking port for your iPod into your home, and then it becomes a central controller for a house-wide, remote-controlled home audio system ▪This probably also wins the award for least portable iPod accessory ▪Pricing for needed parts and pieces: iPod $199-$449, iPort $500+, House $500,000+ ▪www.sonance.com


Quality of Life Enhancer? Or Just a Good Reason to Renew the Prozac Script? Ok, I thought I had seen it all . . . everything one could possibly ever plug into a USB port . . . Until this . . . Grandtec’s USB Vibe - the most fun you can ever have with a USB port and $10 From Grandtec.com OK, now wipe that grin off your face!


Hate White? Hate Beige? Hate Black? Endless colors for iPods, Powerbooks, iMacs, Mac Minis and your other laptops, desktops, displays From $60+ Colorware.com Death to Dull Digital Colors!


AutoCompleting E-Mail Addresses: Turn it Off! Beware of the “Auto-complete” functions in modern e-mail software! Think of it as a recipe for, at best “Auto-Embarrass” At worst, “Auto-Malpractice” This means that you could intend to address an e-mail to your client “Robert Jones” by typing “Rob”. . . But instead it pulls up opposing counsel “Robert Allen” . . . and you click “Send” before noticing! OOPS! You’ve blown your case! The answer: TURN IT OFF! ALSO: Understand “Reply” v. “Reply All!”


Why You Should be VERY Afraid of Bluetooth Cell Phones Yikes!! (From Gizmodo.com’s Archives)


Weird Gadget Round-Up . . . This is the video system they assign you when you get to heaven . . . Or the earthbound version for $1699 (plus monitors) The Sidecar System from DigitalTigers.com


Need to Search More than Google Desktop Does? Look at the X1 Search System ♦X1 indexes and searches every file on your local or network drive ♦Fast, thorough - $75 from www.x1.com


Comparing X1 Desktop Search to the Google Desktop Search Different Focus Google Desktop search is really simple X1 is a bit more complex but searches everything


“Honey, I Shrunk the LCD Projector!” Infocus LP120 is a Stealth Presenter Back to the whole concept of magic ... This time it’s Infocus with their new LP120 LCD projector It’s so small it actually looks like toy version of a real projector It’s under 2 lbs - think about that The dimensions are only 2.1" Height x 9.8 Width x 3.7 Depth ▸That’s only a little bigger than a carton of eggs About $1700


Great Ideas Never Really Go Away . . . (although they sometimes hide) Remember the old Visioneer “keyboard scanner”? Fast forward to 2005 and the concept is back – it always was a great idea Color USB scanner – pricing not yet announced – will ship sometime in June From KeyScan.com


Keyboard and Junk Drawer – The Gadget Every Lawyer Has Been Waiting For Another genuinely useful idea – lift the top of the USB keyboard and you find nooks and crannies for all your desktop junk Think of it as a way to balance your bi-polar tendencies of wanting to be neat, but never seeming to accomplish it Available in white, black and this cool illuminated model ($30 to $70) From KeyOrganizer.com


Jumpstart the Paper LESS Office™ The Paper LESS Office™ can sometimes use a serious jumpstart Consider using a scanning service They’ll come in, bring one or more super-high-speed scanners and plow through your file cabinets and banker’s boxes A DIY approach isn’t out of the question – 90-100 ppm scanners can cost as little as $200 per month


Just . . . Don’t even ask . . . (but you secretly want these, don’t you) In the “There’s a gadget to do things we never really would want to do” category. . . “Head Blinkers” – turn signals for your head, press the directional button when making a turn in an airport concourse or in the mall In theory – your fellow citizens walking behind you will see the turn signal, know what the heck it is and not plow into you Possible use for trial lawyers – wear these and use them as signals for your witnesses (yes/no?) $20 from www.stupid.com


The Ultimate Evidence Eraser . . . The Ethical Way to Dispose of Old PC Systems Worried that data shredding software won’t eradicate your confidential client info? Here’s another approach that may work better . . . And would be one heck of a lot more fun! Red Dragon’s Jet Torch kits As the website says “the closest thing to a flame thrower you can own” – ‘nuff said Available at Ace Hardware stores everywhere from $60+


“Your Honor, I have no idea why the Court’s TV keeps turning itself off . . .” Depending on your attitudes about watching TV, you’ll either love this one or hate it . . . The TV B-Gone is a universal remote control with just one button . . . The sole function is to turn off TVs . . . That’s it . . . Not on, no volume, no channel changes, just off Personally, I think it’s horrific (but provides tremendous opportunities for mischief) $14.99 from tvbgone.com


Coming to a Taxicab Near You!


Take Your Visual Show On The Road With The AverMedia AverKey 300 Portable Document Camera Some people refer to them as “Elmos” after a major brand Projects images of documents and objects out of its VGA port to projectors, laptops, etc. These used to be big, bulky and really expensive . . . not any more! Self-contained lighting system in a 3 pound portable package What’s most amazing is the price: only $995


▪It was inevitable - the melding of laptops and popular consumer brands ▪Acer and Ferrari (yes, THAT Ferrari have joined forces to create the Acer Ferrari 3200 laptop ▪Sure it’s a competent laptop with an AMD Athlon 64 processor, 512 MB of RAM, an 800 GB hard drive, DVD- Writer and 802.11g wireless . . . but that all seems incidental . . . ▪What’s most important are the three coats of Ferrari Red automotive paint, the officially licensed Ferrari logos, and best, that the Windows Startup sound is a Ferrari V-12 shrieking at 6000 rpm ▪About $1900 depending on configuration ▪VROOM!!!!!!!!!! You Really NEED One of These! Acer’s Ferrari 3200


Plan for the Worst-Case Scenario: Real-Time Backup with SecondCopy 2000 ▪You do a nightly backup of your entire PC system or network, likely to tape or hard drives . . . that’s great - keep doing it! ▪But putting all your law practice eggs in one backup basket may be dangerous ▪Consider a second layer of protection using Real-Time backup with the award-winning SecondCopy 2000 ▪This $30 program works in the background to copy files, as you modify them, to a hard drive or DVD . . . maintaining a full backup that you can use as another restore source if need be ▪It’s not a substitute for off-site stored backups, but it’s another way to reduce your backup risks and downtime


Finally, Driving Safety and Cell Phones Aren’t Mutually Exclusive Concepts ▪Check out the new headrest- attached cell phone speakerphone / microphone system from UnWired Technology ▪It is battery powered so it doesn’t drain your cell battery, attaches to the headrest posts of any vehicle and offers great sound quality and microphone capability ▪Comes with a universal headset plug and also special adapters for several Nokia phone models ▪Runs $99 - www.unwiredtechnology.com


Info at Your Fingertips! Put Key Info on the Windows Desktop! Just like a Bulletin Board - place a file or folder with key information you need all the time ▸Your Fed Tax ID number ▸Bank account numbers ▸Employee contact info ▸School info for your kidlets ▸FedEx account info ▸Court clerk phone numbers and e-mail addresses Put it right on the Windows desktop so it’s always just a quick click away! Simple . . . but a HUGE timesaver!


Media Monster: Argosy’s Media Tank Does it All Imagine your ultimate vision of PC-attached storage . . . What would it offer? Probably what the Argosy Media Tank does: In one compact USB 2.0 connected external chassis, you get: A digital film reader supporting all the major formats A DVD writer Ability to install any ATA IDE hard drive (up to 500 MB) USB 2.0 port as a “hub” Info is at: www.argosyusa.net/ product.asp?product_name=DW567 Under $100 6 in 1 digital film reader DVD/CD-Reader/Writer Hot-Swappable 3.5” ATA Hard Drive Bay


MyFi – Think “iPod Meets Satellite Radio” Imagine the world – the WHOLE word in the palm of your hand . . . Delusions of grandeur? Not with the MyFi portable XM satellite receiver from Delphi! The handheld gizmo, slightly larger than an iPod gives you full-blown XM satellite radio, live, wherever you can get it outside so it’s antenna can “see” the satellite far overhead It also allows you to record up to 5 hours of live XM radio programming for “Sat-less” playback – think of it as a portable audio Tivo! About 7.5 ounces and $349 plus your XM subscription


Protecting Legal Road Warriors: Backup When Away So you’ve got an ironclad, rock-solid reliable network backup system – tested, proven, a safety net for your practice And you’ve got lawyers regular traversing the continent with laptops packed with confidential, unique data being created while out of the office and not backed up on the network And of course you’ve got an equally bulletproof, idiotproof, lawyer-proof portable backup strategy, right? Like most firms, probably not so here’s what you need: A plan A combination of USB flash drives and portable hard drives Possibly an online backup repository (review the potential ethical exposure though!) Lawyers trained on the horrors of what happens if they don’t do their mobile backups


Word Sanity Pack – Metadata Ass’t, Numbering Ass’t, CrossEyes, Acrobat 7 Imagine life with Microsoft Word being as comfortable, efficient and downright enjoyable as it is/was with WordPerfect Fantasy? Delusion? Good argument for Prozac? With what I call the “Word Sanity Pack” it comes pretty close This is a collection of essential Word utilities that plug the gaps, fix the oddities, and generally go much of the way to demystify Word’s foibles, traps and irritations Save your sanity – make these utilities part of every Word user’s day in your firm They’ll pay for themselves in productivity and tranquility in a matter of days Starting at $249.99 per user – www.microlaw.com


Return on Legal Tech Investment – 18 Person Firm Spend $64,000, but net $356,000+ over four years A solid economic no-brainer The opposite – Reverse ROLTI – is also true – if you DON’T do this, the COST to the firm is $356,000+!

MY RECOMMENDATION FOR An “Anti-metadata” Tool: 

MY RECOMMENDATION FOR An “Anti-metadata” Tool My Clients Use Payne Consulting’s Metadata Assistant Payne Consulting’s MetaData Assistant can safely strip out potentially damaging MetaData from Microsoft Word documents. Info is at www.paynecon- sulting.com $79/license for smaller firms (see MicroLaw.com) Site Licenses available for larger firms


Weird Gadget Round-Up . . . Plugs into headset jack on standard cell phones Perfect replica of 1949 Western Electric handset $29.95 Retro Handset from PokiaOnline.com


Weird Gadget Round-Up . . . Reduced to $9.95 from Computer Geeks (geeks.com) Just don’t even ask Really Please don’t You Knew This Had to Exist – geeks.com


The Defense Call its Next Witness . . . Spot, the Golden Retriever Believe it, it’s real - the BowLingual let’s your dog testify The claim is that the device translates your dog’s barks into English . . . really, I’m not making this up Your pooch wears a wireless mic that transmits sounds to your handheld unit where the “Animal Emotion Analyzer” does an “accurate translation” into English What was that Sparky? “WOOF, WOOF, WOOF WOOF!” ▸Translation: “I saw the whole scene and it is my conclusion the defendant’s accidents were the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injuries” Think how much fun cross examination will be! www.bowlingual.com


So how do you know you’re actually getting the best prices on the hardware and software components you decide to purchase? Good question! It’s a seemingly “mysterious” process involving incense, incantations, praying and hope Or . . . just plain common sense and a little clever web technology Leverage Web-based PC component pricing engines and save a fortune! You’re wasting $$$ if you don’t use these free services! Buying Smart: Saving the Most


Do Your Price Search! 1. Go to a Pricing site: Palm Tungsten T5 3. Get the Hit and then click for more info: 2. Enter your Search:


Click and Save – Get Real-Time Pricing Data from Multiple, User-Rated Merchants


Get Smart! The Next Step Past Document Assembly is the “Document on Demand” qShift by Ixio is the first practical web-based “document on demand” system for building contracts and agreements Leveraging a smart- clause-building technology, the system was developed by a successful Seattle business lawyer in his own blue-chip practice Visit ww.ixio.com


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