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Learn with John Spencer Ellis - how to work less, earn more, and have more fun while you help your clients and customers.


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Interviews with the Leading Experts in Entrepreneurship and Personal Development Find Out What All the Buzz is About

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Watch Episode 1 on IGTV Special Guest: Chris Record

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Episode 2 Special Guest: Kat Sullivan "The Princess of Pinterest"

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Episode 3 Special Guest: Vince Reed "Increase Business Leads 300"

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Episode 4 Special Guest: Nicholas Kusmich "Facebook Advertising Masterclass"

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Episode 5 Special Guest: Jill Coleman ""How Women Can Have the Health Business of Their Dreams""

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Episode 6 Special Guest: Larry Loik "From Pre-med to Tony Robbins to Biohacking and eCommerce"

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Episode 7 Special Guest: Keith Yackey Passion. Business. Comedy. Random Trivia.

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Episode 8 Special Guest: Dr. Kristen Willeumier Brain Optimization for Entrepreneurs

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Episode 9 Special Guest: Danny J Learn How to Tell Your Story

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Episode 10 Special Guest: Sean Cannell Become a YouTube Influencer Monetize Your Talent

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Episode 11 Special Guest: Joseph Haecker He Got 2 MILLION VIEW on a Facebook Live

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Episode 12 Special Guest: James Malinchak Become a Professional Speaker

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Episode 13 Special Guest: Steve Sims Forbes Magazine calls him "The Real World Wizard of Oz"

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Episode 14 Special Guest: Sanja Hatter What is Your Love Language for Business Relationships

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Episode 15 Special Guest: Legacy Perez From Street Dancer to Real Estate Investor

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