Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park: 

Yellowstone National Park Mr. Elmhorst

What is a National Park: 

What is a National Park World Conservation Union

History of Yellowstone: 

History of Yellowstone Before Yellowstone Yellowstone Early Years

History cont.: 

History cont.

Importance of National Parks: 

Importance of National Parks

Wildlife in Yellowstone: 

Wildlife in Yellowstone


Bison Bison is scientific name for Buffalo

Bison cont.: 

Bison cont.





Land formations: 

Land formations


Geysers What is a geyser? How are geysers formed?

Geysers cont.: 

Geysers cont. How do geysers work?

Plumbing of a Geyser: 

Plumbing of a Geyser Geyserite

Making your own geyser: 

Making your own geyser

Hot Springs: 

Hot Springs How do they form? Uses

Mud Pots: 

Mud Pots

Important Words: 

Important Words

Words cont.: 

Words cont.

Fourth Grade Class: 

Fourth Grade Class Objectives Assessment

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