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Find latest pooch dog videos and stories that is for real dog lovers at Human beings are cruel to animals in many ways. They keep them in the cage, mistreat them, they do fur and skin trade, they hunt them for their pleasure, and more. The pooch dog health care program that support animal rights movement. If you are real dog lovers then must watch dog videos on this site Our Profile: More Slide:


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DOG STORIES Howl Of A Dog is an animal rescue organization based in Romania. Since its foundation Howl Of A Dog has rescued thousands of animals and provided them with loving forever homes. They also post videos of rescues to encourage people from all over the world to support their cause. One of the videos they posted was about a black dog named Tina who lived near a forest and a busy road. The rescuers spotted Tina while they drove back to their facility after rescuing several dogs. They were already low on treats but the rescue volunteers decided that it ’s too dangerous for the dog to live just next to a busy road. Dog Too Afraid Of Humans Hides In Woods Until Rescuers Let Her Feel Loved

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As a young pup Emerson has faced challenges early in his life. Emerson was born without hearing had seizures then developed Parvo. Even when the odds were stacked against the little warrior he survived and he wanted was a loving family. A foster based rescue North Florida Rescue of Maine saves canines from high-kill shelters in the North Florida area then gets them re-homed in Maine. They received Emerson and all his litter mates so that they can find them forever homes. The Huntingdon police department received a call one Sunday evening to inspect a house. They were surprised when they discovered that the property had 22 dogs. There were no humans around and it seemed that the dogs were left there to die. The police found a litter of puppies one Norwich Terrier thirteen Chihuahuas and two Pit Bulls inside the house. All of the dogs were living in starvation and suffering from different medical conditions. DOG

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Aside from Emerson because he was different all of the puppies were adopted. Nick Abbott immediately knew that Emerson was the right one for him the moment he read the post because Nick is also deaf. Nick said that he was interested in meeting Emerson because he knew that they would understand each other since they were both deaf. POOCH

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