Obesity and Bariatric Surgery in India


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Obesity and Bariatric Surgery in India:

Obesity and Bariatric Surgery in India


Obesity is a major health concern worldwide. If we look at the Western countries it has taken the shape of a health epidemic. Although these nations have fairly advanced healthcare facilities, the costs of healthcare are very high. For this very reason, obese patients from all over the world are flying to Bangalore, India to undergo weight reduction surgery. Bangalore is among the most developed cities of India that have a well-structured and advanced healthcare sector. Bangalore receives approximately 28,000 patients annually who undergo Obesity Bariatric Treatment in India . Best Bariatric Surgeons in India costs less than one third of the amount one would spend for the same in USA or UK. This huge difference in the cost of obesity and bariatric surgery is luring medical tourists from all over the world particularly USA, UK and other Western countries as well as from developing countries such as Maldives, Egypt, Afghanistan, Mauritius and Bangladesh. Medical tourists from Middle East nations, Saudi, Oman, Iran and UAE also visit Bangalore for obesity and bariatric surgery. Comparatively lower costs of treatments and quality treatment are the biggest magnets pulling foreigners towards Bangalore of medical tourism.


Excessive body weight hampers the day to day life of the patient. The person is unable to walk properly, work properly, risks of heart diseases increases, the life expectancy of the person decreases by 40% and the person cannot enjoy his life to fullest. Obesity and bariatric surgery is a permanent solution this problem. Best Obesity Surgeons in India are offering all types of obesity and bariatric surgeries to cure the problem of excessive body weight and obesity. The most sought after procedures for reducing weight and obesity are vertical banded gastroplasty , adjustable gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, intragastric balloon, stomach folding, gastric bypass surgery and sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch. All these procedures are so designed that they decrease the amount of food intake and food assimilation by the patient. This gradually leads to weight loss. All these procedures are performed by well experienced Weight Loss Surgery in India at the finest obesity and bariatric surgery hospitals of Bangalore. Bariatric Surgery in India , most of them have international qualifications and are English speaking which makes it easier to trust them. After the surgery is over, the patient has to follow a well curated diet plan designed by professional dieticians of the hospital. This diet plan is so designed that it helps in weight loss and at the same time provides all necessary nutrients to the patient.


The obesity and bariatric surgery hospitals in Bangalore have well experienced and internationally trained obesity surgeons. They are experts in their field and have proved their mettle time and again when it comes to providing best obesity and bariatric surgery. These hospitals also have dieticians and physiotherapists to help the patients in further weight loss. The weather of Bangalore stays pleasant all round the year making it a pleasant place to stay for our foreign visitors. Obesity and bariatric surgery in Bangalore is cheaper, cost effective and at the same time conforms to the world medical standards. The bariatric surgeries are 3-5 times cheaper than in USA and UK. Bangalore not only has an advanced healthcare sector but also lies in close vicinity to many tourist destinations such a Mussoorie etc which means the patient can enjoy the rich Indian heritage while being treated in Bangalore. Bangalore thus makes an ideal location for medical tourists to get treated in. It is now a trusted name in providing best medical treatments to obese patients and helping them to lead normal lives.


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