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We are a Mechanical Seal Manufacturer for the last 20 Years. Mechanical Seals are installed in rotary types of equipment like Pumps, Agitators, and Compressors, etc. Mechanical Seal is a very useful device to eliminate leakage & helps in energy conservation.


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We Produce world-class Mechanical Seals

What is a Mechanical Seal? :

A Mechanical Seal is a tool that helps in controlling the leakage in the pumps while transferring the fluid. A seal can also be termed as gasket. Depending on the application different types of mechanical seals are used. They are mainly divided on the application of liquid i.e water and oil. A seal comprises of two parts stationary and rotary. Stationary part is fixed in the gland plating whereas rotary part is mounted on the shaft of the motor What is a Mechanical S eal ?


We are one of the leading groups that deal with the latest and advanced technologies along with tool opportunity that enable us to stand firmly in the competitive world of market. Furthermore we are having the experts that are well flourished with skills and experience. So we are running with flying colours in the race of success along with full support of technologies and resourceful workforce. We are always successful in satisfying the demands of client and at reliable cost. ABOUT US

Applications :

Our products are used in good number of applications like food processing, compressors, cosmetics and many more. Apart from it is also used in various big plants and industries for e.g. sugar industry, Chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, beverages, fertilizers, textiles and many more daily producing product factories. Applications 

Types of Seals:

  Multi Spring Mechanical Seals »  Single Spring Mechanical Seals »  Elastomer Bellow Mechanical Seals »  Conical Spring Mechanical Seals »  Cartridge Mechanical Seals »  PTFE Bellow Mechanical Seals »  Metal Bellow Mechanical Seals »  Wave Spring Mechanical Seals »  Reverse Balance Mechanical Seals »  Cap Mechanical Seal »  Agitator Mechanical Seals Types of Seals

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