Hurricane Katrina After Action Critique

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Hurricane Preparedness After Action Review: 

Hurricane Preparedness After Action Review Captain J. J. Morrow, USN NROTC Unit Tulane University


Agenda Pre-Hurricane Ivan Post-Hurricane Ivan Post-Hurricane Katrina

Pre-Hurricane Ivan: 

Pre-Hurricane Ivan 2-page disaster preparedness order. Generalities Lack of plan for “what to do”

Post-Hurricane Ivan: 

Post-Hurricane Ivan Updated order Located at Coordinated with NSA and the University to ensure plan is compatible Plan includes “what to do” Plan includes information for staff and midshipmen Comprehensive plan that facilitates execution

Post-Hurricane Ivan: 

Post-Hurricane Ivan Personalized self-help enclosures for staff and midshipmen Includes important numbers, websites, radio stations Actions Checklist by hurricane condition The “what to do” checklist Ready for the next one!

Post-Hurricane Katrina: 

Post-Hurricane Katrina New plan worked well, but not perfect Time is not always on your side Disasters happen at inopportune time

Post-Hurricane Katrina: 

Post-Hurricane Katrina After action comments Cell phone networks get clobbered Voice is unreliable (504) area codes Text messaging worked reasonably well All email addresses out for over a month All hands need secondary non .edu email addresses Distribution list are vital to get word out Completed prior to evacuation ( non .edu)

Post-Hurricane Katrina: 

Post-Hurricane Katrina After action comments (cont.) Evacuate server and critical computers, files, equipment Take student files and records Issue phone cards to staff prior to evacuation Have copies of ROTC world phone list for all hands (PNS, MOI, OD, etc.) Have Navy Region and USMC supporting command Phone numbers Getting out early ensures safety of students, staff and families

Post-Hurricane Katrina: 

Post-Hurricane Katrina After action comments (cont) Midshipmen contact rosters available to entire staff Establish plan for shift of command to alternate site. Where will PNS go? Email account Phone number Plan for Advisors to take control of their midshipmen post evacuation Post-Hurricane Katrina



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