Detailed Lesson Plan for Kindergarten

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Detailed Lesson Plan for Kindergarten:

Detailed Lesson Plan for Kindergarten By: Jude Ann C. Reponte

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I. Content Focus: - People go to different places II. Subject Matter: Objective : At the end of the lesson the pupils are expected to: Identify the different vehicle that travels by land, water and air. Naming the common sea/ water, land and air vehicles. Topic : Some people travel by sea, land and air Reference : Enriched Integrated Preschool Curriculum – Fourth Grading Weekly Plan, Week 35 Preschool Education Handbook for Teachers

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Materials : Pictures, puzzles, cut-out pictures, envelope Value Focus / message Appreciation (appreciating the importance of the vehicles that travel in land, water and sky) Strategy Jigsaw puzzle game Cooperative learning – Group activity Picture Sorting

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III . Procedure Prayer Action songs Our news today Checking of attendance Setting of rules Behavioral check

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TEACHER’S ACTIVITY PUPIL’S ACTIVITY The teacher together with the pupil’s will sing a song: ‘ Row,row,row your boat” Then, the teacher will asked what was the vehicle being mentioned in the song? Have you seen a boat? Have you ridden a boat? Where do you see a boat? What other vehicles do you know that travel by sea/water?   sing a song boat mam ! Yes mam ! Yes mam ! in the sea mam !   boats, ships ………

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B. WORK PERIOD 1 : Teacher Supervised: Objective: To develop fine motor coordination and visual discrimination. Activity: “Transportation Puzzle” The teacher will show an envelope containing a puzzle and give it to the first group. What picture did you form? Independent: Objective: To develop fine motor skills Activity: “Color the vehicles” The teacher will give the paper contains a drawing of different transportation. What kind of vehicles you color?   first group will assemble the puzzle a ship, a boat……   the first group will present their puzzle the pupil’s will match the name to its corresponding picture     the pupils will color the diff. transportation the pupils name the different vehicles the color

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C. MEETING TIME 2 : After the pupil’s present their work, the teacher will show the names of the vehicles and read it to the pupil’ and the pupil’s will follow in reading the names of the vehicles   After presenting the names the pupil’s will match the names to it’s corresponding pictures D. Supervised recess : The teacher will remind each of the group that whoever earned more smiles will take their snacks first Prayer pupil’s fall in line to get their snacks

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E. Story / Adventure Title: YURI, THE YELLOW VINTA (modified) Material: big book Activity Motive Questions: 1. What is the title? 2. Who are the characters in the story? 3. What kind of vehicle they used? Comprehension – Check: 1. What is the lesson learned?

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F. WORK PERIOD 2: Teacher Supervised: Objective: to sort different vehicle that travels in land, water and sky Activity: “Transportation Vehicle Sorting” The teacher will get the 3 envelope with the color sky blue for sky, green for land, and white for water and give it to the first group. What are the vehicles used in land, water and air? The first group will present their work.

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Independent: Objective: To explore different combinations that makes 10 Activity: “DRAW 10” The teacher will give pictures of vehicle in addition form. And let the pupils write their answer on the paper provided.   The pupils will present their work.

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G. Indoor/Outdoor Activity: “The boat is sinking” When the teacher say’s “the boat is sinking group yourselves into 4”, children looks for companies of 4. The child/children who cannot form a group of the announced number will lose their turn and sit down. The game continues as soon as there will be 2 children left Play the game..

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H. Meeting Time 3 (10:50- 11:00) IV. ASSIGNMENT 1. Collect pictures of vehicles for Air, land and sea/water. Dismissal Routine prayer  

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