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Wanting to treat your Valentine to a scrumptious meal? Then reserve your table at one of fanciest eateries in Islamabad and Lahore. Book your table via dinepartner.com and make your Valentine's day even more memorable 😍😍😍


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CELEBRATE YOUR VALENTINE’S DAY AT THE BEST RESTURAUNTS IN ISLAMABAD AND LAHORE By Hajra Haroon - February 11 2019 February being a signature for Valentine’s Day is the most romantic month of the year. The cool evenings with wind bathing in the scent of blooming flowers of spring makes it an impeccable time to shower your significant other with love. What could be better than taking your sweetheart out on a date in one of the fanciest eateries of the city You might need some assistance in finding the perfect restaurant. Well if you do we’ve got you all covered. 1. NIDDOO’S CAFÉ AND KEBABS

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One of the most liked eateries of the capital this eatery is wonderful for treating your partner to a fancy V-day. It offers a sophisticated ambiance gleaming in fairy lights. Its menu ranges from breakfast to all kind of fast foods. The eatery has amazing reviews and people like it for the variety of foods that it offers. 2. MOODY’S BISTRO AND LOUNGE

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This restaurant offers delicious food in a quaint environment. The red-bricked interior adorned with antique pieces and lanterns hanging from the ceiling can put a spell on you and your sweetheart while you savor the scrumptious food. As far as the food is concerned it is known for its famous Supreme Nachos and Chicken Cigar. 3 HENG CHANG

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Heng Chang is known for offering the most authentic Chinese Food in the town. If you are planning to do something special for your love on Valentine’s day there’s nothing better than treating them to the genuine Chinese Cuisine. Sweet and Sour Fish and Crispy Fried Beef with Sesame Seeds have been the quintessential dishes that people truly relish. 4. CRUNCH N GRILL

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This eatery is famous for Chinese and Italian Cuisines. It is an immaculate choice for treating your partner to a dinner date. The overall ambiance comes off as a stress-free spot. The restaurant offers a wide range of fast foods. However Crunch N Grill is best known for its steaks. 5. THE COFFEE TIMES AND UNIVERSAL RESTAURANT

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This restaurant offers a wide range of Cuisines including Pakistani and Chinese. It also has quite a name for sweets and cakes. A well-furnished eatery The Coffee and Universal Restaurant is bound to give you and your significant other the time of your lives. 6. ZARA’S BAKESHOP AND RESTAURANT

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This eatery is famous for offering their custom cakes. You can also get one made for your Valentine. Chicken and Mushroom Bake Spinach and Cheese Quiche are a few specialties that Zara’s Bakeshop and Restaurant flourishes in. The exquisite atmosphere of the restaurant is bound to make you and your love its regular visitors. 7. BURGER MAESTRU

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It is a fast food restaurant that offers a separate dining space for families which makes it a perfect spot to celebrate your day with your Valentine. The eatery is best known for burgers sandwiches and a variety of wraps. It has a simple yet delicate interior which guarantees an amazing time with your significant other. 8. GALITO’S

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Galito’s has recently come to Pakistan. Highly sophisticated and impeccable Gelato’s is the perfect spot to treat your partner with its unique taste comprising of dishes such as peri peri sauces pizzas and pastas. It promises you and your better half an unforgettable Valentine. 9. BISTRO

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Bistro offers both indoor and outdoor dining. The interior is compelled to put you in a mood if you’re seeking to be at a stretch with your partner. The outdoor dining also provides a scenic picture where you can sit in bliss with your sweetheart over a cup of tea. The restaurant is best known for offering nachos steaks crème brulee and gulab jaman. 10. SWEET TOOTH

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This quintessential Lahori style eatery assures to render the best service in the town. It specializes in continental desi and fast food. The building painted in all the dazzling colors cannot go overlooked and would put an instant spell on you and your partner and you’re guaranteed to have the best evening. HAPPY DINING

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