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Digital Persona, Inc. offers a wide range of fingerprint scanners ideal for organizations and ISVs to add fingerprint-enabled identity and authentication solutions to their applications. Visit them for more details.


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Learn About Fingerprint Scanners From Digitalpersona.Com:

Learn About Fingerprint Scanners From Digitalpersona.Com DigitalPersona, Inc., a trusted partner for biometric identity verification solutions, offers biometrics-based solutions that allow organizations to bind physical and logical identities to create a secure digital identity, ensuring only authorized persons can access systems, data and services. With two distinct fingerprint reader product lines, optical and silicon, DigitalPersona has a fingerprint reader to meet your needs and application requirements. Both product lines offer standards compliance, anti-spoofing technology, user feedback LEDs, unsurpassed fingerprint readability, high durability and flexible SDKs that enable a broad range of applications. The DigitalPersona silicon fingerprint readers leverage the same fingerprint sensor technology embedded in millions of laptops, keyboards, physical access devices and ID card readers relied upon by governments, hospitals, banks and enterprises for secure and convenient authentication. DigitalPersona silicon readers are a good choice for applications that require high-security options, such as match-on-device or tolerance of bright ambient light. DigitalPersona optical readers are a good choice when needing economical image-out functionality, the durability of a hard glass platen, or a silicone coating that provides superior readability. Whether you need just a few fingerprint readers or tens of thousands per month, DigitalPersona ’ s reliable, world-class manufacturing delivers in volume and on time. To learn more visit

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DigitalPersona, Inc. 720 Bay Road Redwood City, CA 94063 USA Telephone Number : +1 650-474-4000 Website:

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