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Fuzzy logic resembles a human decision-making method as well as implemented in the various area and has some amazing examples also. More info visit at: http://digitalthinkerhelp.com/what-is-soft-computing/


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Fuzzy Logic Applications Fuzzy logic Controller Fuzzy logic Examples Fuzzy logic

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Fuzzy logic resembles a human decision-making method. It is related to ambiguous and impermeable information. It is a gross inspection of real-world problems and is based on the degree of truth like ordinary logic / false or 1/3. Fuzzy logic

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Fuzzy Logic Applications Control of spacecraft altitude Satellite height control Flow and mix regulation in aircraft vehicles The fuzzy system of the train for passive speed control The shift scheduling method for automatic transmission Intelligent highway system Traffic control Improve the efficiency of automated broadcasting Decision making aid system Individual evaluation in a large company Control of automatic display in video cameras

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Fuzzy logic Controller Fuzzy logic controllers, then use a very flexible set of rules. The solution is then applied Proper membership work Specifying figure, values which are within the shaded area A doubt is beyond the shadow of the truth.

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Fuzzy logic Examples Auto focusing system An autofocus (or AF) optical system uses a motor to focus on one sensor, one control system and one Automatically or manually selected point or region. There is a display instead of an electronic rangefinder Motor; The optical system has to be adjusted manually to the signal. Autofocus Methods are distinguished by their type because either is active, passive or hybrid types.

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