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eat drink soda dinner dessert sandwich breakfast Junk food I have breakfast at 8:00 in the house I eat cereal with milk and drink orange juice I eat lunch at my house at 1:00 of the afternoon lunch I eat a rice with meat and potatoes and drink nestea I eat dinner biscuits with coffee P ancakes with jam Hamburguer and nestea R ice with meat and potatoes Cake with chocolate and ice cream Potatoes Chips

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Are you hungry? Let’s go to China Garden. They have great food Yes I am. Do you like Chinesse food? Yes, I love it Okay let´s go there Let’s go to Pizza Paradise for dinner Well, I don’t really like pizza They have Italian chiken and pasta too Sounds good. That’s okay I’m hungry too. Let’s have dinner Then let’s go to Texas Steak House Do you like steak? Yes, I like it a lot I’m hungry You are hungry? Yes, if I cause a burger Let’s go to McDonald's I want mine with cheese I want a quarter pound

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have speaks goes drinks do studies I like hamburger I eat the breakfast I speak spanish and portuguese Jesus Jesus has chicken Jesus studies at home Jesus goes to Mc´doonalds Carmen does not speak Japanese We don´t like test Mike and Jim don´t smoke You don´t sleep in class he doesn´t drink coffee I do not eat breakfast every day

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yes no yes yes Does Eduardo like pasta? No , he doesn’t. Does Eduardo like sushi? Yes, he does. Does Eduardo like garlic? Yes, he does. Mr. And Mrs. Brown like garlic? No , they don't Mr. And Mrs. Brown like sushi? Yes, they do. Mr. And Mrs. Brown like pasta? Yes, they do no no

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Ilalian Sandwich Onion Soup Tomato Salad


is eat do not smoke Do not drink exercise play Do not eat love sleep take doesn`t take smokes exercises eats studies sleeps I eat junk food from time to time I sleep ten hours I play baseball two hours I get up every day at six am I like sweets I do not smoke I do not drink beer I eat three meals a day is doesn’t eat breakfast

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