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MEHR…The beautiful gift for wife:

MEHR…The beautiful gift for wife Presented by Farhana Abedin ID#50916012 16 th batch Course : Retail Banking and E-banking A Loan Product


Definition Mehr also called Mohrana or Denmohor This amount must be paid by the groom after the marriage. The Citizen’s Bank Ltd


Description The Citizen’s Ltd “Mehr” is a loan product that is designed specially for the musilm married male persons. It will cover the group of Muslim people of our country A beautiful gesture of love that a husband can show to his wife.


Eligibility Any married bonafide citizen of the country with sound mind Any salaried person with confirmed 2 years service ahead and businessman having adequate cash flow Having minimum age of 25 years and maximum 60 years (at the time of maturity) Two personal guarantor Minimum monthly earning is BDT 15,000 The Citizen’s Bank Ltd

Required Documents:

Required Documents Employer certificate for service holders Photocopy of trade license for businessman Photocopies of passport, telephone bills etc. Bank account statement of last six months Evidence of marriage (such as Kabin nama etc .)

Special Features:

Special Features Loan amount up to BDT 5,00,000 low cost of borrowing Flexible repayment of EMI over a period of 12 months to 60 months The Citizen’s Bank Ltd

Installments of the loan:

Installments of the loan

Why it is so special?:

Why it is so special? Promotes Women right( mehr is the fundamental right of a woman. As per Islamic shariah, it is compulsory for husband to pay this to his wife. But there is a good number of married men from all walks of life in our society who did not pay total Muhor to their wives. Many of them are not aware about the necessity of payment of the deferred amount of Muhor so that wives have been remaining deprived of their fundamental right of Muhor. Relieves a Muslim husband – spiritually and religiously ( A muslim husband who respects his wife will never think of depriving her from her rights. This loan will relieve him from religious obligations and also spiritually he will feel satisfied. Also it will show a gesture of love toward his wife and will gain the trust of his wife. ) Economically and socially encouraging( Our society do encourage the denmohor amount to be given to the wives just to make them economically stable so that they can feel themselves special in the house as well as in the society. Therefore this loan product will also be accepted widely in society.

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