Timeless engagement rings to let you feel ecstatic till eternity


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Let your love for your partner speak to the world through your ring. https://www.diamondengagementrings.co.uk/


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Timeless Engagement Rings to Let You Feel Ecstatic Till Eternity The idea of popping the life changing question with a ring is a classic one why shouldn’t the symbol: the ring also be as classic Yes We are talking about that moment when you ask your would be to spend eternity with you. And we are specifically talking about the ring which is not just any ordinary ring but is a testimony of your special moment something that belongs to you like nothing else does something that will adorn your finger for the rest of your life and so deserves all the reason to be classic. Wearing a classic ring has its own charm a charm that never fades away and is incomparable to the latest fashion rings whose style may not last long and is more of a phase. Being trend-driven and wearing the ring which is in fashion is simply wow but a classic ring not just speaks for itself but screams out loud to the world “ Yes I’m engaged and belong to the love of my life”. Classic engagement rings never go out of fashion they are timeless and are meant to stay forever much like your love for your partner. Having said this we have listed down some of the most

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sought after classic engagement rings all of which are not just the epitome of simplicity and elegance but also make a timeless statement. Solitaire and Prong setting The most simple of all the engagement rings is the one where a lone diamond is set on top of a delicate band using prong setting. In a solitaire cut the centre of attraction is the gemstone which is held in the middle of the ring using a prong or the metal claw that grips it in a way that it is strongly held there. This style is all about diamond but the visibility depends on the number of prongs in a four

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prong ring more diamond is visible as compared to six prong ring. This setting is a very basic one but has always enjoyed popularity all across the world. Ring with a Bezel setting Not-so-delicate and hence perfect for daily wear this ring looks modern and is very much preferred because of its suitability for an active lifestyle. In this setting the diamond is not held by prongs but is encircled within a metal rim. And since it doesn’t snag on clothing and perfectly protects the diamond it forever remains the way it was when it was bought. Three stone setting

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This truly is a classic piece of jewellery as all the three stones signify something: respect for the couple’s past happiness for togetherness in the present and hope for love affection and commitment in the future. Talking about the look and feel of it well… this usually comes in either round brilliant cut or the princess cut. All the three stones can either be of the same size or a big diamond can take the centre stage with the smaller ones residing on either side of it. Pavé setting

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This is one of the traditional settings pronounced “pa-vay” inspired by the French word “to pave” as in paved with diamonds. Striking feature here is the minimal visibility of the metal beads or the prongs owing to densely placed small gemstones. Wondering how is this setting done Well the jeweller drills holes into the metal band and then places the diamonds into those holes where he then binds them using tiny beads or prongs. The presence of such a large number of diamonds makes this ring sparkle like anything. Halo setting

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Much like the solitaire setting here also the hero is one big diamond the one that occupies the centre and is surrounded by several small diamonds in a concentric circle or square. This setting which makes the smaller carat diamond look size able is seen as the other option for expensive diamond engagement ring. The illusion of a larger size diamond that this setting creates makes this classic engagement ring stand out from the rest. So… these were just a few examples of the classic rings to make you feel loved for like forever. Choose one of these ageless beauties and let your love for your partner speak to the world through your ring. Wear them with pride and happiness gush over possessing them on your 1 st and 50 th anniversary alike.

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